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AJPW Classics 174: 1989

G. Badger




Masa Fuchi vs Joe Malenko (01/20/89): This is for the Jr. title. I think it's the PWF Jr. title...that sounds correct. Anyhow, if you've seen either guy before and have enjoyed it then, there will be no disappointment here. This played up to both guys strengths as it wrestled in sorta a traditional title match style. Seriously, you'd be surprised if I told you this match happened in 1989. The only give away would perhaps be the last couple minutes. However 80% of the contest was on the mat. Fantastic mat grappling with 2 or 3 rope breaks total. They're working the holds and escapes, not crawling. Crawling is for babies. Look at Joe! He's a spokesman for Hair Club for Men goddammit! He's a man not a baby! Howabout Fuchi? Howabout Fuchi! Pockmarked and middle aged, he's no baby either! Babies want their bottle...the only bottle these men want is a cold golden bottle of beer. Preferably while celebrating in the locker room with the title you son of a bitch!


Giant Baba & Rusher Kimura vs Abdullah the Butcher & Giant Kimala (03/08/89): I passively watched this...I did an email, played with our cats/chased them off the furniture, etc. Baba was the best, if that's an indication. It's not actively bad but, it's just filler. I get why they put these on the shows especially relatively recently after Baba passed away. It think these were aired in 2000.


Great Kabuki & Kenta Kobashi vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu (09/15/89): I think the date on this might be 09/15/88 actually. I say that because I think the same Sumo wrestlers are sitting front row and center for that match in Korakuen hall. Also, it seems kinda weird that AJ Classics would be showing matches from Jan. & Mar. and then, September.


Everybody goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Kobashi is pretty much brand new out of training and looks fantastic. Yatsu and Jumbo are working their butts of for the K-man. That's not to say Jumbo doesn't try to stomp the youngster's head like a empty can of High Life. Kabuki plays a great mentor/spoiler that Olympic can't quite get a handle on. We actually get a KA-BU-KI chant...how awesome! Plus the soon to be iconic KO-BA-SHI! makes an appearance as well. I really dug this match. It build up incrementally and had a really nice finish as a result. An engaging, great 89 (or 88) tag match!


Edit: I checked cage match and it was 09/15/89 :)


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