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My Update with the new PWO site

G. Badger



Clearly, Loss has changed, updated, and polished the new site and the PWO forums section. Or "the board" as many of it will think of it as :)

With this change, I want to wish him the best and say thanks for providing this awesome forum and resource. It is without a doubt, the best place for wrestling information and discussion anywhere.

With that being said, the Badger Blog (sure, let's go with that for right now) has been on a little break in order to allow all/most/some? of the updates to take place. Unfortunately, it appears that the new template has restricted or removed the search functions, my categories (80's, 90's, Women's Wrestling etc.), and tags. Also, it seems the blog section is much more difficult to find on mobile devices...well at least for me. I'm a little bummed but, it's all good :)

I'm such a low tech guy that, I'll find other ways to litter old and new posts with links to put eyeballs on this puppy. Additionally, I'm going to take the time and re-tag my old posts as well as have my next entry be a summary of all 80 oh wait 90 posts...well at least links to them along with the titles. That and update any old links from the old site to the new version. Otherwise, it goes nowhere but to a friendly 404 error page.

Just an update to the larger update. 

Thank you!





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Yeah, the idea of summary page devoted to the previous posts is way too time consuming :wacko: But, I am in the process of adding title pictures to each old post in the hopes providing a means of visual organization. It does help that there are more posts per page so, again it doesn't seem like hyperlinking every old turd is necessary. The tags & pics are taking long enough.

Eventually, Grandpa will figure this all out and get back to the fucking wrestling...


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