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Full Impact Pro Friday - Second Year Spectacular Night 1

G. Badger



Whoa! Sorry for the absence. The past month (January) was kind of crazy both personally and as US citizen. So, my focus wasn't really on keeping on task with my blog. That sucks because I really want to stay on track. Good news is that we've got a Full Impact Pro entry here and part #1 of FMW 1998 on the way. So, I hope you are all doing well. Let's check out this FIP show!

*(the listing is reverse on Highspots so the main event is at the top)*
Davey Richards vs. Delirious w/Dave Prazak - This reminded me of when CM Punk was main eventing. There's a ton of kids who are SUPER into the match, they dragged out the beginning playing that up but!  once things got going we got a really good match where both guys worked their butts off for a long fulfilling main event. Clean finish too!

Jerrelle Clark vs. Jay Briscoe - This was a pretty good match with the Briscoes playing cheating heels. That made Jerrelle's comebacks that much sweeter. He had all kinds of 'ranas for them. Definitely want to see more Jerrelle after this! I'll see if he's on any other shows.

Roderick Strong vs. Cyber Kong w/Dave Prazak - Unfortunately this was kind of a 'nothing ' match. Strong really put forth the effort and in the 6 man. I mean maybe there was something to it but, not what it could have been.

Steve Madison, Chasyn Rance & Kenny King vs. Erick Stevens, Roderick Strong & Seth Delay - Yeah, this was a fun six man match. I would have preferred Madison and King vs Strong & Stevens as I didn't think the other two did anything terribly memorable. But watching those 4 are the draw of this match for sure!

Mark Briscoe vs. Canadian Cougar - skipped...I had to get my ass in gear and this just seemed like an unnecessary hurdle to overcome.

Allison Danger vs. Lacey - This was alright stuff. I don't have any notes on this match or that below. From memory, I remember liking it as a very sound women's match that plays into the FIP story lines.

Black Market vs. Colt Cabana & Sal Rinauro - This was a fun opener but, was a little short still I remember liking the chemistry between the teams. The fans loved Black Market.

Overall, the show wasn't a barn burner but, it was a very easy watch. It was a good show and I think delivered for the fans to in attendance. I got this Night #1 show by mistake but didn't want to make a fuss over not getting Night #2. So, I'm happy it wasn't a bust. Maybe I'll pick up #2 and it'll make everything that much better. If they have these on Highspots - pick up both at once.


Thanks for reading and stay safe! Be back soon :)




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