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Quickie: AJPW You Might Have Missed - 1983

G. Badger



Chavo Guerrero vs Masa Fuchi (NWA Int'l Jr. Title, 08/31/83) - Great technical match and while not as crisp as what Tiger was doing in NJ with others at the time, this is the type of great stuff the NJ juniors and especially Eddie & Dean were doing 10+ years later. 



Bruiser Brody vs Jumbo Tsuruta (Int'l Title, 08/81/83) - Slow feeling out process at the start but it was OK because it built into a bloody and dramatic title fight. Two giants of Japanese wrestling go head to head. If you don't like Brody then perhaps you won't get as much out of this as I did. Great match!


Dory and Terry Funk vs Stan Hansen/Terry Gordy (08/31/83) - I was going to watch this again for like the fourth time but I've got too many other things to watch. Plus its a known classic so I'm not saying something you don't probably know already.  Here's my original review from 15 years ago: This was Terry's retirement match and many have said enough about how it didn't last but, in wrestling how often do retirements last? Everyone was willing to sell for everything to keep the energy up in this brawl. Dory sold in his normal manner but it looked rather out of place with sluggers like Gordy & Hansen selling shots like they were getting hit with crowbars. Still it was a very exciting match with the fans cheering for the brothers throughout. The iconic part takes place afterwards with Terry's "Forever!" speech which is incoherent and thoroughly awesome, if you like the Funker. It's a match that one has to appreciate for what it is & enjoy. The speech is a bit of gravy. Great match.

That is a fantastic night of wrestling back in '83. Check this stuff out any way you can.

Thanks for reading :)




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