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Quickie: TNA - Against All Odds 2006

G. Badger



Saw this pop up online and thought, what the hell, why not!? Its free and put out there by Impact Wrestling so I'll post it here for you and put my thoughts below.


Roderick Strong & Austin Aries vs The Naturals - Wow ROH tag team royalty taking on a Hardy Boyz  type indie team. Its pretty good stuff with Aries & Strong looking best with the Naturals doing their cools moves like a Shooting Star body block to the floor, double team moves etc. 

Alex Shelley vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Bentley vs. Jay Lethal in a Four Way X Division Match - Shelley rocking the two tone hair like Suwama. Fun action match that's well paced and told some fun stories. Wish we got  more Shelley & Jay because they were the best. 

LAX vs James Gang - Skipped, only wanted to see the Notorious 187 but that's not enough to watch this.

Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin vs. America's Most Wanted - Really good tag match. Sabin & Duty are underdogs based on size alone. But then the AMW target Sabin's recently repaired leg and things look dire. Sabin does a great job hanging in there and making the hot tag to Sonjay. He goes ape shit with the cool moves to the oafish tag champs. Really nice simple but well executed story match. 

Rhino vs Abyss (Falls Count Anywhere) - Best match so far although it didn't resemble a wrestling match. The bunk house brawl match in other times. Rhino looked really exciting here (which is an uncommon thing). Abyss is his usual plodding self like early Kane but it works since he's the only monster in the promotion. Anyhow this is your ECW style match. Its pretty back & forth since they're big tough guys. Nice garbage swinging especially the trophy spot. Good tease of the high spot and fantastic unique finish. Maybe it was telegraphed a little once the pieces fell into place but screw it - it was pretty sick! Very good to great stuff!

Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles - The REAL main event and it definitely delivers! Daniels just gets brutalized by Joe but Daniels hits a vertical Death Valley Driver that evens the score. AJ is bumping and diving. There's a lot going on with the spots and sequences. I think the only thing that stops this from being a ****1/2 classic is some of spots seemed too contrived to be done more than once a match. There were some 3 man spots that were call backs to earlier ones that you kinda saw before. BUT!!! they still worked and kept things exciting and interesting. So I'd still call this a near classic match, ****1/4 and match of the night. Just lots to enjoy here from a work rate perspective.

Team Canada vs. Team 3D - I skipped this

Jeff Jarrett vs Christian Cage - A good match that gets a little sloppy down the road (not sloppy but not smooth either). And like many TNA main events, especially with Jarrett, has too much scrap booked. There's Earl Hebner in his first TNA match and they referenced the Screw job in commentary and in a spot. Then he keeps getting knocked down or out so no one can count the pin. Then another ref comes out and they do the same thing. Then Gail Kim is doing stuff and there's foreign objects etc. So I mean it's fun & the crowd was having fun. Stylistically I don't think this was any different from what WWE was doing.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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