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Quickie: Ring of Honor - Main Event Spectacles

G. Badger



This show was kind of a holy grail DVD for me. Well holy grail for a reasonable price. But it is actually rather uncommon to find compared to later ROH stuff. The big draw of this is the main event of AJ Styles vs Bryan Danielson. It was the one major omission in the excellent ROH Year Two compilation.  This match completed the trinity of all time classics from AJ, Paul London and Danielson in 2003 - Epic Encounter, Night of the Grudges being the other two. And let me say it again, Paul London would have had more classics if he stuck around. Those two classic battles were not accidental.

Anyhow, this is a Quickie so let's get going. I skipped stuff that I wasn't interested in or have watched once elsewhere and had no intention of watching again.

Dan Maff vs Colt Cabana - Skipped

Xavier & Nigel McGuinness vs John Walters & Tony Mamaluke - Very early Nigel appearance and I think he's the standout here. His work with The Purists was the real interesting stuff. Nothing against Xavier (R.I.P.) but his stuff was generic. This was a fun match though.



Matt Stryker vs Justin Credible - Skipped

Izzy & Dixie vs The Briscoe Brothers - Cornette is with Dem Boys (oh wait! too early for that). Special K matches usually gets skipped but this was actually rather good. Glad I gave it a shot.

Homicide vs BJ Whitmer - I feel that whatever was good here was due to Homicide. A reliable source said this was a great match but I humbly disagree. It was OK. What SHOULD have been the finish would have kept this as a good match. But in the worst decision they went beyond that...in true nonsensical Indie fashion. Who made this decision?

Scramble Cage Match - I'm not listing all of the teams. This is kinda infamous. Its Jack Evans' debut and Teddy Hart's last ROH match (ever?). I've seen it once. Its Indie in the worst way. What's notable is Jay Lethal as Hydro for Special K wrestles in this one too. If you haven't seen it, go check it out for the spectacle. 

Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs Steve Corino vs CM Punk - Everyone has got a little bit of history here except Joe & Punk which is funny. Fast forward the obnoxiously long Corino intro and you've got a great match with 4 icons of ROH. Joe looked like the World Champ here.

That match could have been the main event to an average ROH show for the time but we get one more...

AJ Styles vs Bryan Danielson - Topping their classic from All Star Extravaganza ('02), we get one of the most intense and competitively fought matches I've seen this year. You need to watch this match. It has been hyped since it took place so I'm not going to say anything that hasn't been said. All Time Classic ROH match. This is probably my Best Match Watched front runner right now. That said I probably won't choose it since it is something a lot of folks have been aware of for awhile.


Overall a fun show with an all time classic. That really elevated the appeal to me when searching for this. Shit its the only reason I was searching for it. So the tag matches and the 4 way are gravy on top.


Thanks for reading!



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