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Quickie: Big Japan Wrestling - 03/14/07

G. Badger


I got this DVD from Highspots when they still had Japanese wrestling. They've got this labelled BJW #118 & 119 (03/14/07) . I think the correct numbers are episodes #116 & 117 episodes. In any case, this is for for the 03/14/07 show. 

Takashi Sasaki vs Yuko Miyamoto - Scaffold and Light tube death match for the title. We get a really nice build up and back story to Miyamoto etc. I don't speak Japanese so other than the match footage, I fast forwarded much of this. But you can tell that he has a lot of heart. What's interesting is that he's soft spoken and seems to have lisp. Not the type of person that you think would willingly fight in barb wire & glass. So right there you're pulling for him to win. He's the baby face. Sasaki is a beast as we can see from the clips beforehand. He's beaten Miyamoto with the buzz saw kick through the light tube to Yuko's head. So yeah... Wu Tang ain't nuthin' to fuck wit. This was a great death match...heck it's probably a classic if I'm being honest. The wrestling was there, the drama was there, the spots & spectacle were there...I'd highly recommend it even if you avoid death match stuff. You might think they went overboard with a couple spots (not anything sickening with the weapons but using the scaffold) but personally I think it went right to the very edge. It told the story, the K- Hall fans were out of control... yeah if you've enjoyed TNA's Ultimate X matches, it's like that with a couple spots (and blood). If you're the type of person that thinks a pile driver on the floor should end a match in all circumstances, this probably isn't for you :) The 15 year old kid in me loved this shit though!




Madoka & Kengo Mashimo vs Katsumasa Inoue & Daisuke Sekimoto: Alright, Kengo Mashimo! Just saw him in my AJPW 2014. Sekimoto is well known and I think I've seen a couple Madoka matches. Katsumasa Inoue is new to me though. He's a welcome addition to the BJW crew (at least the ones I know). All that aside, this match rocked! The opening Kengo vs Daisuke exchange was a harbinger of good things to come. They did an awesome job of having an all-gas-no-breaks tag match. I love it when they really want to have a dynamite bout and hold nothing back. The pace was quick, the intensity was fierce and the execution & selection of moves was excellent. A near classic match to me...really scratching at a low end classic. 




Ryuji Ito, Abdullah Kobayashi & Shadow WX vs Jun Kasai, Naoki Numazawa & Saburo Inematsu : I knew it all couldn't be fantastic. What took me out of this was Numazawa and Abdullah's performance. They looked like they didn't care. Numazawa isn't that good but Abby Jr. can perform when he wants. If this was Ito & Shadow WX vs Kasai & Inematsu (who is slightly better) this would have been pretty good. Numazawa just killed the energy every time, he got in the ring...his shit did not look good here. A couple cool spots but this also had no flow or organization. Its an OK match but is kinda the match that wasn't more than the gimmick.


This is probably the coolest thing Numazawa did all match.


Overall this was pretty damn great stuff! The last match could have been better but the first match (the actual main event) and the Sekimoto tag (which happened right before the main) were awesome. I wish I could tell you to pick this up but I'm not sure where to direct you. I'm very happy that I picked this up a year or two ago. Hope you dig the pics.

I got another BJW 2007 review coming up soon. Thanks for reading! 


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