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Joshi You Might Have Missed: JWP 1991 - Final

G. Badger


Here we are for the final portion of my early JWP project. We'll be looking at the end of 1991. The dates are not evenly spread out but this is what I wanted to see based on others recommendations and my own preferences. There is more out there like the Cuty vs Scorpion stuff from the fall that I could do without. Anyhow, let's begin!

Harley Saito vs. Rumi Kazama (05/12): Wow! I was impressed with what they were able to do in an under 10 minute match! Lots of stiff looking kicks, good bits of mat wrestling sprinkled in and a nice finishing segment. The early portion looked like Rumi stiffed Harley and Harley was looking for pay back. Good to very good match.

Eagle Sawai & Mayumi Ozaki vs. Devil Masami & Miss A (5/12/91)
Oh man you can't go wrong with these teams in '91. Much of what makes this great is Ozaki vs Devil. She is so much smaller than the veteran Masami but has tons of fight (and hate). Eagle is the big sister bailing Oz out and Kansai/Miss A is the serious partner looking to play a good teammate. Lots of great moves throughout some are even teases but that's what makes JWP so organic and great at this time. I rarely get a feel that spots are planned and the victories feel genuine. That's pretty special in my book.

Mayumi Ozaki vs. Devil Masami (06/16/1991)
A really good match with Devil having some fun with the smaller Ozaki. Oz is quick and takes short cuts so Devil would only go so far until she really punished her opponent. Its a simple match but two joshi greats in the same ring always produce something worthwhile. I viewed this before the above match and it actually makes more sense to do so.

Itsuki Yamazaki & Rumi Kazama vs. Miss A & Harley Saito (06/30/91)
Intense fucking battle. Miss A/Dynamite Kansai is actually the least stiff of all the wrestlers. Unfortunately the version I saw has a section missing (perhaps this is the official version) but what's shown is pretty sweet. Itsuki Yamazaki is awesome in this. If shown in full this would be great.

Dynamite Kansai & The Scorpion vs. Shinobu Kandori & Harley Saito (08/04/91)
First "Dynamite Kansai" match that I've seen. Her gear is different and she's somehow even more of a badass. This is a very good match and you want to watch it for Dynamite just blasting Harley. It seems very clear that she has pulled ahead since their meeting 02/11/91 meeting and as tag partners. This Dynamite Kansai is even handing Kandori her ass.

Harley Saito & Itsuki Yamazaki vs Dynamite Kansai & Scorpion (08/08/91)
I may have spoke too soon about Harley. She wasn't scared of Kansai. Itsuki Yamazaki seems to get better as we go. Scorpion upped her game too. This was a ferocious match. The Yamazaki & Harley team was one I wish I could see more of but we're almost to the end. This was a great match...seek this one out!

Devil Masami vs. Itsuki Yamazaki (08/30/91)
This starts out with Yamazaki jumping Devil kinda like Hayabusa would do to Liger Super J Cup. Then it settles down into the normal flow of the match which is pretty solid as Devil injures Yamazaki's arm. The former Jumping Bomb Angel gets an opening and hurts Devil's leg or ankle specifically. I don't know if this is legitimate as Devil sold it very well then too much if you know what I mean. Yamazaki didn't really have a great plan of attack other than a figure 4 and some weak stomps and kicks. It really seemed like she took a bad bump from the apron or to the floor on earlier the comeback spot. She may have twisted it and the remainder of the match was on the fly. I've rolled or bruised my ankle tons of times skateboarding. It's not a serious injury once you can get off your feet and ice but at the time walking normally isn't happening. Standing isn't too bad though. I think once Devil was able to get standing she was able to power bomb again and things picked up for the final few minutes. Good match but it's really something that could/should have been much better as these two are consistently the best workers.

I can't end things like this though so one more...

Harley Saito & Itsuki Yamazaki & Hikari Fukuoka vs. Dynamite Kansai & Eagle Sawai & Reiko Hoshino (12/07/91)
I think this a very good to great six woman tag in Korakuen hall. Lots of energy and action with the styles and sizes of the wrestlers meshing well. I think it's also a fitting end as this is pretty much the end of the original JWP promotion. Saito & Sawai leave with Kandori to form LLPW. Reiko Hoshino who (as The Scorpion) lost a well received wager match vs Cuty Suzuki is gone after this (and perhaps wrestling in general?), Yamazaki retires and Kansai & Fukuoka go on in the restarted JWP that 90's Joshi fans know. All that aside, this is a fun match and the ending I was looking for :)

To wrap up this along with JWP 1990 stuff, this has been a blast most of the time. I will admit that many of the matches do run together in the sense there's few giant moments and classic matches. Instead everything is super enjoyable to watch. You get a really good mix of technical wrestling, brawling, shoot style action. Sometimes that sameness was a little discouraging when I needed to keep up with my planned schedule. However once I got going I ended up watching 3 matches in a row. So I don't know if I would recommend trying to watch these in such a condensed manner. Spread them out and enjoy them at your leisure or maybe watch a few a week. You could easily get through (and enjoy) the best stuff of 90 & 91 over the course of a month while still watching your normal wrestling fix. If nothing else, the tag matches will never let you down. This has been a great project. I feel like I filled in a blank spot in my Joshi knowledge. I got to see some workers who I've seen very little of in the grand scheme of things. I have a greater appreciation for the non-AJW side of things and its encouraging me to check out more JWP, LLPW and others this year. I hope it works for you too! 

Thanks for reading!


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