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This installment covers Christopher Daniels/Curry Man in M-Pro or representing M-Pro. This is from the RF video DVD set but there's a Curry Man set out there that has many of the stuff.

Christopher Daniels & Pablo Marquez vs Magnum Tokyo & Kendo - This one Daniels appears as The Fallen Angel instead of Curry Man. My guess is that this takes place early 1999 as Marquez was doing M-Pro then and Curry Man hadn't yet appeared. I can't find this on Quebrada or Cage Match though. Anyhow, this is a really fun match. Daniels and Magnum Tokyo work very well together. As expected there's some comedy early on but things pick up and there's lucharesu action until the end. Very good stuff



Curry Man, Black Warrior & Chapinger vs Gran Hamada, White Bear & Dokko Chan (07/17/99): Dokko Chan the wrestler is Jody Fleisch with a mask and shorts on. His big pants hide his super skinny legs. Dude is athletic as heck though! I'm not sure on White Bear... the mask doesn't look legit... the wrestler looks like W*ing Kanemura with a polar bear mask on. He's not great but isn't in enough to bring things down at all and does a cool somersault off the apron. Chapinger is OK but really this could have been Black Warrior & Curry Man (who were really good) vs Gran Hamada & Dokko Chan and it would have been just as fun. Those guys really had a exciting if a little disorganized match. I've seen this get panned but its not bad at all. It's a fireworks match that's 14 minutes of fun.

Curry Man, SUWA & Super Boy vs TAKA Michinoku, Magnum Tokyo & Minoru Fujita (08/22/99): We get the full intros for everyone. Magnum Tokyo is loved by the ladies. TAKA looks like a badass. A sort of random looking matchup again (which looks to be a theme). But I'm not complaining as these guys put on a great show. Super Boy actually was the standout from the heel team. His moves were hitting perfectly. Everyone was excellent though. It was at blast at 14 odd minutes. 



vs Naoki Sano (10/17/99): BattlArts match. Always good to see Sano. I saw this get a pretty bad review but I liked it. It was a good match with an excellent finish. I actually like the chemistry they had despite their unfamiliarity. It was more a junior style than a shoot style match in case you were wondering.

Curry Man & SUWA vs Men's Teioh & Gran Hamada (10/19/99): Under 10 minutes long...thought it could have been at least 10-12 minutes. It finished up rather quickly but Teioh and Hamada are pretty high up on the M-Pro food chain. Nonetheless this was a lot of fun. SUWA and Curry Man were allowed to shine despite being heels. Teioh and Hamada cruised through this on auto pilot a little bit but good to see them do their big moves.


SUWA is such a nice guy that he shares his beverage with the announcer.


Curry Man hits the brakes on a dive attempt.


Curry Man, Sasuke the Great, Sumo Fuji & Fake Naniwa vs Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, Minoru Fujita &  Masaaki Mochizuki (11/07/99): Sasuke the Great is Masao Orihara which is sweet! This was just about a great match although rough around the edges at times. What kept this from being great was at some point ANOTHER Sasuke Imposter with a silver mask comes in and I guess fills in for the Great Sasuke after we think he's been knocked out. The thing is the fans were as confused as I was. The guy's build was more of a heavyweight and he tried doing Sasuke's more agile moves so the guy looked like some muscle bound fan cos-playing. Ted the ref didn't do anything to get the guy out of the ring and only when Sasuke himself got in the ring did this segment end. And then the finishing segment which was good but felt rushed. This was a classic example of over booking a match unfortunately...but it doesn't ruin it by any means but I don't know why they did this plus the execution of it was sloppy. All I can think is its 1999 and American style influences are at work in the storylines. Minoru Fujita was awesome here as was Daniels.



Sasuke the Great gets up in your face!


Curry Man, CIMA & Super Boy vs Minoru Fujita, Shiryu II & Jody Fleisch (12/21/99): What an absolute fireworks display of a match! This was fun to the max :) If I'm being honest I think this is essential viewing for junior wrestling fans especially those who have a fondness for this time period of junior action. Think the 3 way dances in ECW with Tajiri, Super Crazy, Guido, Jerry Lynn, Nova etc as well as the better multi-man ROH or TNA matches. It's a classic if you keep that all in mind. 

Curry Man & Naoki Sano vs Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita (02/13/00): Really good match in BattlARTS but it might as well be M-Pro. The fluidity of the indie leagues is pretty interesting at this time as you can see from all of the matches above. Toryumon was intermixed Michinoku..I've considered Minoru Fujita a BattlARTS guy but he's been the biggest young baby face of M-Pro this whole project. Anyway, this was a very good match. Curry Daniels seems to get hurt along the way and that does limit the crazy amount of moves he does later on (he goes for a 2nd rope elbow drop instead of a moonsault most likely). But he's a trooper and keeps everything moving and making Fujita and Hid aka look great. Sano brings his big moves here and yeah this is nothing to sneeze at despite Daniels hurting.


If there's a more baby face tag pose, I don't know it.


I can't end it there so I've got a few bonus matches. I'm not sure on the date on these. It's a part of a comp I found on YouTube but there's no match list let alone dates. I think they're post-2000 (99-03 is Daniels as Curry Man in Michinoku). He's not wearing the unitard but is wearing the half t shirt and shorts which I think he would wear in NJ and TNA. Anyhow most of the above matches are available for you. Search Curry Man Part 1. These below are from part 2.

vs Jody Fleisch: This is a very good fireworks singles match as both guys are familiar with one another. So you get some really complex stuff that comes off well. Daniels is a very solid base for Jody's flying moves...which I don't think he gets credit for especially since he's not a big dude. And believe you me, there's some crazy stuff that very easily could have been fumbled if not for Daniels. 

vs Ikuto Hidaka: clipped a bit but still plenty to enjoy. Wish we could have got the full match as these two are so evenly matched that the likely early feeling out portion was pretty cool. The last 5 minutes were great :)

Curry Man/, Gedo & Dick Togo vs. Great Sasuke, Jinsei Shinzaki & Hideki Nishida: Oh yeah! Great match. It's a little punchy-stompy from the heels in control of Hideki Nishida (who impressed me) but when he made his comeback and hot tag to Shinzaki this was on like Donkey Kong :D This is absolutely worth your time. Glad I did a bit of digging and found this.

Excellent end to this mini project within a project. Again, look for these YT posts and you should be able to see everything. Still glad I was able to get the RF DVD set from eBay as there's a bunch of other stuff like Daniels in ECW (his match vs Rhino is really good) as well as IWA Puerto Rico (he vs Pablo Marquez is recommended). If you want to see some Michinoku Pro either because it's been awhile or want to see some turn of the century junior action, check these out. I'm sure younger fans will dig this stuff as this style is the backbone modern day American wrestling. I mean Christopher Daniels probably doesn't get enough credit for that.

Thanks for reading!


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