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Spotlight: All Japan Pro Wrestling 1985 - July

G. Badger


A shorter post this week but still going strong with All Japan 1985.

Genichiro Tenryu & Takashi Ishikawa & Haru Sonada vs. Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu & Animal Hamaguchi (07/08 aired 07/13): Oh man excellent finish! Yeah this was a really good match. It's not top of the line effort since Jumbo isn't in there but that's an observation and not a criticism. Ishikawa really thrives in these matches since he's functioning as Tenryu's #2 rather than Jumbo's #3.

Ashura Hara vs Masanobu Kurisu (07/12 aired 07/20): Oh man this is too quick but I am so thankful it took place. For a few minutes they just stiff the hell outta each other. 1985 AJPW is the nexus of the Indies of the 90's.

Jumbo Tsuruta/Genichiro Tenryu/Takashi Ishikawa vs Riki Choshu/Killer Khan/Animal Hamaguchi (07/12 aired 07/20): I'm going to sound like a broken record but this was great match! I'm glad that I was able to track these Choshu matches down... Pretty much all those with Jumbo, Tenryu and Riki Choshu. This was all action and I was frankly surprised it ended. In a way the classics of the 90's were these matches that were given the green light to go on 30+ minutes regularly. They don't empty their tanks here like you'd see 5 years later in the Jumbo vs Misawa program or Kawada vs Misawa. But the groundwork is here in these matches. And you truly appreciate those for the pacing, intensity, and smart simple work and not the crazy spots alone then I think you'll enjoy this feud.

Takashi Ishikawa & Akio Sato vs. Animal Hamaguchi & Isamu Teranishi (07/18 aired 07/27): Haven't seen Isamu Teranishi in awhile so I'm throwing this in mix. Roy has Ishikawa's partner as Norio Honaga but it is Akio Sato. Its joined in progress but no matter. This is great wrestling for the All Asia tag titles. The last couple minutes felt like top shelf action for '85. I just happened to want to watch this one and it makes me wonder how many other quality matches I overlooked. Can't think about though or I'll never get through these all!

Stan Hansen v. Shoehi Baba (PWF Title, 07/30/85): Absolutely satisfies the "at least one Baba & Hansen match" per post rule :) This is a longer one I thought but is pretty good throughout and it ends strongly. Hansen is without much doubt Baba's best singles opponent of the 80's. Baba has still got it here in the mid 80's...he's doing moves, taking bumps, etc.



Stay safe folks! 


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