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Quickie: Happy Halloween - TNA, AJPW & W*ING

G. Badger


I'm taking a week break from 1985 AJPW to celebrate Halloween by watching some spooky wrestling. I'm going to look at some stuff you might have missed in TNA and Japan because that's more my jam. But there's plenty of Halloween/horror wrestling in lucha libre and lord knows there's always a spooky character in the WWE/F 

Raven vs Vampiro (TNA PPV #68 2003): This was fun but maybe for the wrong reasons. The execution of moves was pretty lazy. Like only of handful of things beyond the dog collar parts looked cool. TNA was pretty Indie still but man this felt like they were doing a VFW/church rec room match. The visuals were awesome though. I think that's what Raven really cared about here. His get-up, Vampiro's, the hanging from the collars, the blood, the two collars on either end of the ring attached to Vampiro's neck...that's probably why you should watch it. That and Raven really looked like he was choking Vampiro out. 


Great Muta vs Great Muta (AJPW 12/05/04): The fake Muta is Johnny Stamboli and he would take the character and make it his own as Rellik in TNA. Muto has a crazy fucking dragon-demon looking mask on...absolutely worthy of being this Halloween post for that alone. Absolutely freaky! He even tries to scare little kids and chicks with it ...like a guy working a haunted house  This was 11 minutes long but frankly was kind of boring since Muto was on offense. Stamboli Muta seemed more interesting to me. But hey these are novelty matches for Halloween so it's all good.


Abyss vs Black Reign (TNA Genesis 2007): This was Dustin Rhodes/Runnels/Gold Dust as Black Reign. Anyway, this was a really fun garbage match. Abyss matches usually deliver and this was no different. They are kinda the same but if you space them out, they are just mindless fun. With this match, Dustin was really good with the fundamentals. His punches looked good, he sold things and beyond that took a really crazy bump. Small world- Rellik/Stamboli makes his debut post match.


If you're looking for more Halloween wrestling, I suggest you look up Leather face, Jason the Terrible in W*ING and IWA Japan. Leather Face is in FMW as well. They have matches against Freddy Crugar/Krueger, Boogey Man (Michael Myers mask guy) and others  Here's a a good one from the review graveyard:

Shoji Nakamaki, Crash the Terminator, Fukumen Taro, Masayoshi Motegi & Nobutaka Araya vs Freddy Krueger, Jado, Gedo, Invader II & Invader III (W*ING Hollywood Nightmare 08/25/93, Captain's Fall Barbed Wire Bat Bunkhouse Deathmatch):First and foremost, watch Victor Quinones' promo for the heel team. Absolute gold ! On to the match: This is all out chaos and I loved it! 4 out of 10 people have masks, 6 out of 10 people are wearing red, Nakamaki isn't wearing jeans and a tee shirt, Crash legit looks like he could win the thing since *ahem* Freddie fucking Krueger is the heel team captain.All kinds of wackiness but, its the good early 90s Indy puro kind you want in this match. There's wrestling in the ring, brawling around the ring, Freddie in the stands chasing fans, Nakamaki laying somewhere in Korakuen bleeding...All the fans chanting his name despite being only visible to 5-10 of them due to the aforementioned bleeding, Indy juniors trying to shine, Crash no selling like a Road Warrior, a guardrail, seats popping off chairs, more Nakamaki chants...This is W*ING in the best way!


Happy Halloween!!


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