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Perro Aguayo vs. Villano III (UWA - 12/5/84)

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Perro Aguayo vs. Villano III, WWF World Light Heavyweight Title (UWA - 12/5/84)


I'd love to say that Perro could go back in the day, but he was a pretty limited worker.


His approach was pretty direct, either going straight for the pin or submission or throwing out a clothesline, piledriver, tope, senton, double footed stomp, that sort of thing. Similar to his son, though the younger Aguayo is far more athletic.


This was essentially a juniors match and had the same flaws as other matches from the time, namely the "get up and go" mentality. I liked Villano's submission work and his tope attacks, but that was about it. I'm not a huge Villanos fan, but I prefer their brawling to the scientific stuff. We need to bring back that term scientific.


The match was OK. UWA can be either gold or wildly disappointing.


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