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  1. ohtani's jacket

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Let's take what the old timers say with a grain of salt... until they say something we agree with!
  2. ohtani's jacket

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Ricky knows which side his bread is buttered on.
  3. ohtani's jacket

    French catch

    Cheri Bibi vs. Paul Debusne (aired 8/16/58) This wasn't as good as the Jacky Corn match, but you can still mark it down in the "good" column for Cheri Bibi matches. Debusne is the guy they looked to put in the ring against boxers, so of course the part where they started throwing manchettes is exciting. The build up to that? Not quite on the same level. It didn't help that there was some weird distortion with the film that made the wrestlers appear bigger than they really were every time they were in the middle of the frame. Debusne looked like he was working hard as he was sweating profusely, but he didn't have the skills of a Jacky Corn to keep things interesting, and it wasn't until the finishing stretch that I bought into this. Heck of a finish, though. Wild stuff.
  4. The main purpose of this match was to set up the Blue Panther vs. Blue Demon singles match. Now ordinarily, I would complain about Blue Demon Jr as the choice for Panther's singles opponent, and there could have been better picks (Dandy and Panther get into it at the end, which is mouthwatering, BUT, Panther is having such a great run that I am curious to see how the bout holds up. It's not a match with a rep, but the Panther vs. Santo match from CMLL Japan didn't have a rep either and that was fantastic. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I do want to give it a shot. And I've managed to talk myself into looking forward to it. This match was pretty much a table setter for the singles match to come, but it's always fun to see Panther matches where he is the head honcho.
  5. ohtani's jacket

    French catch

    Not sure. It's not something I've noticed before. In this case, the commentator declares Chaisne the winner of the premiere manche and signs off for the night. You can see the wrestlers standing in their corners waiting for the bell.
  6. This was a return match of sorts with Cerebro wearing a type of karate outfit made out of one of his old masks. Presumably to make fun of Kato Kung Lee, whom he is kind of feuding with, but not really. Again, it's a fall-out-of-bed trios for these guys, and a waste of Cerebro's talents, but I should know by now that luchadores can't be in electric feuds every month of the year.
  7. Casas and Santo get a shot at the Infernales' titles. The most notable thing about this bout for me was how good Casas was. When I think of Casas, I tend to think of the facial expressions and the crowd manipulation, and those moments of genius that only Casas can produce. But he was also a good worker on a technical level. He may not have been the best wrestler in Mexico per se, but he knew how to work, and he was excellent at adapting to changing trends. I don't really think of Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero as classic luchadores. They strike me as among the first wave of modern luchadores. They certainly used a lot more moves than their predecessors did. Other workers came along who took the modern style further, but in 2001 it feels as though the Infernales are at the forefront of the push towards a more modern style. Satanico was old-school as fuck, but was able to mesh with the Infernales because of their ongoing storyline. Santo and Casas, on the other hand, were able to work with them seamlessly. You can see Casas switch gears here compared to his regular fall-out-bed trios performances from '00-01. He had a lot of experience working in Japan and it's clear that the CMLL Japan shows have an influence on how the Infernales want to work. They don't abandon the lucha style completing since they're playing to an Arena Mexico crowd, but they definitely have their working boots on. The trouble is that the booking is screwy. I should have smelled the Dusty finish coming as soon as I put the bout on (I wonder who you are, Mexican Dusty?), but it was a disappointment all the same. I really hope we get a clean, satisfying payoff to a lucha match some time soon.
  8. Return match that gets screwy when Tarzan Boy does a run in. Again, promises a lot but doesn't quite click. They really need to let these teams wrestle and forget about the cute finishes.
  9. This didn't set the world on fire, but I was happy to see Los Guerreros de Infierno working with someone else for a change. And of course, it gives Casas something to do. There were enough flashes of goodness to suggest they could have a great match if they pulled it all together.
  10. ohtani's jacket

    Consensus Greatest Lucha Trios Ever?

    My pick would be the 10/97 minis trio. My favorite trios are the Atlantis/Angel Azteca/Javier Cruz vs. Satanico/Dandy/Emilio Charles Jr matches from May 1990 as those were the matches that got me hooked on lucha. I think one is regarded as being better than the other, but I love them both.
  11. ohtani's jacket

    Mile Zrno

    Mile Zrno vs. Fit Finlay (Wien 1991) Mile Zrno vs. Fit Finlay (Hannover 1993) This guys had good chemistry together. They did all of their regular holds against each other but made them look extra punishing. I'm not a fan of Finlay from this era, as I've said many times before, but he was more athletic against Zrno. Now you might be thinking, "It's Fit Finlay! Who gives a fuck if he's athletic?" And you might have a point there. But if you've seen how spry he was when first hit the scene, you'll appreciate him hitting the ropes with a bit more verve. If you're the type who never grows tired of him clobbering folks, you might not appreciate this matches as much, but I was happy to see him forgo the clobbering for some proper wrestling. Of course, this matches never build to a big finish, so they're inconsequential in that regard, but I thought these were better than your run-of-the-mill German handhelds. Mile Zrno vs. Steve Wright (Wien 1991) This was house show Zrno vs. Wright. Still good, but house show Zrno vs. Wright. Filled with stupid ref jokes and casual exchanges. A hard match to recommend in light of the Finlay bouts.
  12. ohtani's jacket

    French catch

    Jo Labat vs Ami Sola (aired 7/31/58) This was an excellent wrestling match filled with holds, counter holds, and forceful strikes. I swear if this match came from any other archive, we'd be heralding it as one of the best matches of the era, but because it's part of this amazing period of French catch, it's just another match. It will be interesting to see where Sola ranks among the French wrestlers when we're done with this footage. He's carved a niche for himself in this 50s footage as The Midcard Guy. One of the problems we face as we head into the 60s footage is that we don't get the same week-to-week footage. In fact, for some years we barely get any footage at all. I'm not sure if that's an indication that catch went off the air for a time. There was some sort of controversy that happened in the early 60s, but I haven't been able to nail down what it was all about. At any rate, Sola quickly disappears from the footage we do have, and I guess he retires at some point because he's not on any cards after 1963. Robert Duranton vs Michel Chaisne (aired 7/31/58) They only showed the first fall of this, which is strange because usually they'd clip the Sola match and show the Duranton match in full. I'm kind of glad they gave us the entire Sola because it was clearly the better bout. This was kind of goofy at times. The popular blue-eye, Chaisne, was a bit over the top with how he dealt with this massive slab of a man. I didn't really get what all the bobbing was about. Once again, early Duranton exceeded expectations with how much he was willing to wrestle, but against a decent technician like Chaisne, his short comings were apparent. My favorite part of the fall was when Duranton stepped over Chaisne. That's a move Duranton did a lot and one I'm surprised other wrestlers didn't pinch. We all know how irate basketball players get when players step over them. It seems perfect for wrestling as well.
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  15. ohtani's jacket

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I suppose that may be true for the big apuesta matches, especially the Pena booked Konnan ones. But I have a hard time believing that random, pointless trios matches were laid out in advance.