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  1. This was a Fatal Fourway that set up Eddie vs. Benoit & Angle vs. Big Show at the December PPV. It's notable for a lengthy standoff between Kurt Angle and Edge, who had been attacked by Albert prior to the bout. It was equal parts exciting and excessive. Edge probably escaped the Ankle Lock too many times, but it was engrossing another star making turn for Edge. I doubt Edge is too many people's example of a perfect pro-wrestler, but he worked his butt off in this match. I am kind of sick of all of these guys matching up and even I was hooked.
  2. This beef between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit is pretty boring. To be honest, I don't think they have the acting chops to pull it off. It's the kind of thing that looks all right when they splice it together for a music video, but as a weekly thing it's starting to drag. This had another false finish halfway through the bout, though in this case it was right before they cut to commercials, so I guess it was a hook for viewers to return. And I suppose, a way to have longer matches on TV. The match has some decent stuff, as you can imagine. Eddie is starting to display a vicious mean streak, which I think is the part of his game that's been missing all year. Chavo excels in the role that Cole defines as a jackal or a hyena, and spends most of his time saving his partner or knocking guys out with a title belt. Decent bout.
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    [2002-09-21-ROH-Unscripted] Michael Shane vs Paul London

    Paul London is extremely flippy. This match is pretty weak when it comes to projecting the hatred between the wrestlers, and it's not a great street fight in that respect, but Good Gawd Almighty, some of those spots! It's too bad the commentators can't put a match over to save their lives. They're forever going on about how ROH is professional wrestling not sports entertainment, but they could do with a dose of sports entertainment in their commentary. Match is more of a glorified stunt show than a grudge match but at least it's watchable.
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    Current New Japan

    In some respects, yes -- manga, anime, video games -- but they are hopelessly behind Korea when it comes to exporting entertainment products. Which is ironic because Japan has a huge impact on Korean pop culture. Admittedly, Korean TV and film is vastly superior to Japanese productions. K-pop has probably overtaken J-pop too, though K-pop stars still record songs in Japanese because of how important the market is.
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    [2002-11-18-WWE-RAW] Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels

    Here's a match we never thought we'd see, and a match I never thought I'd want to see. It was the only TV match Shawn had in 2002. The rest of his matches were on pay-per-view. There are a lot of similarities between Michaels and Van Dam, and it feels like a natural matchup. Interesting choice to go with the back and leg psychology instead of being spot happy. The interference from Hunter is groan-inducing, but it shows how invested in the match I was. RVD deserves a ton of credit for becoming a made guy in the WWE. I wouldn't have given him a hope in hell after the Invasion debacle, but he became a fan favorite. I just wish JR would shut up about his educated feet. NB: I believe the date on this is 11/25.
  6. This was entertaining while the three teams were involved, though it was a bit finisher happy. Unfortunately, the workers hitting multiple finishers on each other was the only time they got a reaction out of the shitty Madison Square Garden crowd. It didn't seem as though the crowd wanted Benoit and Angle to be eliminated, and the Garden was dead for the Guerreros' heat segment on Edge. Mysterio's high spots woke them up again, and the finishing stretch was decent, but it was definitely lacking something without Angle and Benoit. They would have been better off without the elimination stip, or putting a spin on the classic Survivor Series stip and having single eliminations. Wouldn't have helped with the crowd, but would have made for a better second half.
  7. So, this is the WWE's take on War Games, huh? The early going is pretty good with RVD making the most of the time he's given. After he's eliminated, the match loses its way, and takes everything Jericho can do to hold things together. The booking was pretty weak by WWE standards. These type of matches are its forte, but the eliminations were weak and there wasn't a lot of excitement when the next wrestler entered. To be fair, it was a pretty shitty crowd, but this was still noticeably weaker than other match layouts we've seen in 2002. Hunter was solid enough doing the ironman act. I don't think the blame can be laid at his feet. Shawn had a terrible haircut and awful tights. I don't know if it was because of his back, but he moved and bumped in a straight way that seemed like a broomstick was stuck up his ass. They spend a lot of money on confetti for his big moment, but I don't think it went over as intended, which is probably why it's not a legendary moment. JR tried to sell the hell out of it, but I'm not sure folks were buying it.
  8. This was a treat. They got 20 minutes to go out there and have a classic trios match. The una caida was a mat fall that saw Zumbido square off with Magica, Ricky Marvin take on Juventud, and Apolo Dantes duking it out with Takemura. Ricky Marvin vs. Juventud was especially interesting as Juvie seemed to be on a mission to remind everyone that he used to be a hot shot himself. The second fall saw them branch out into classic lucha exchanges before the rudos took control of the bout. The tecnicos made their comeback in the tercera, and we got a hotly contested third fall that was extremely competitive for a midcard bout. It's amazing the difference it makes when it feels like the outcome is at stake. Apolo Dantes' tecnico turn is quietly awesome. I have no idea why they decided to turn him face, but we get to see these awesome matchups between Dantes and rudo opponents. Juvie was great in this as well. Easily his best performance since joining CMLL.
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    Current New Japan

    You are describing Japan in general not just New Japan.
  10. Good match that was marred somewhat by interference from Edge and Chavo. Fortunately, the booking mandate at the time was to have that type of shit happen during the middle of a match so they gave us a proper finish. Eddie vs. Rey is an all-time great match up. In my opinion, they match up as well as anyone in the history of professional wrestling. They don't dig too deep into their bag of tricks here, but it's an entertaining bout, and I thought the work was better than the Benoit/Mysterio match. Eddie is starting to look more like Eddie.
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    7mm Florida footage

    Florida Tag Team Title Match: Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan (c) vs. Dale Lewis & Gene Lewis (8-7-73) -- young Kevin Sullivan continues to fascinate me, but this cuts off right as he's cleaning house. Nothing special. Florida Heavyweight Title Match: Dusty Rhodes (c) vs. Killer Karl Kox (February 7th, 1978) -- Dusty is angry because Bobby Duncum and Killer Karl Kox stole his hat. At some point, in the late 70s, Dusty lost a considerable amount of weight and became much quicker and athletic. I prefer the heavier set Dusty from the mid-70s myself, but this was definitely Dusty's peak as an athlete. Decent footage. Florida Title vs Southern Title: Dusty Rhodes vs. The Spoiler (August 2nd, 1978) -- Dusty cuts a great promo about being screwed out of the Southern Title. Then we get some NWA edited footage of the incident. Promo was good. Buddy Colt vs. Man Mountain Mike (October 24th, 1972) (Championship Wrestling From Florida) -- fun Buddy Colt performance against the 600 pounder. Decent footage. Billy Robinson & Tony Charles vs. The Masked Superstars (October 21st, 1975) @Ft. Hesterly Armory -- man, I'd give my left nut to see Billy Robinson vs. Jack Brisco in Florida. Instead, we get pro-wrestling shenanigans, which Robinson is still pretty good at. One of the Superstars was Jerry Lawler. OK footage. Florida Tag Team Title Match: The Spoilers (c) vs. Mike Graham & Steve Keirn (Title Change!) (1978) -- Graham and Keirn look pretty good here. This is generic pro-wrestling, but it's well executed. Decent footage. Dusty Rhodes & Bill Watts vs. Dick Murdoch & Buddy Colt (February 18th, 1975) @Ft. Hesterly Armory -- Dick Murdoch & Buddy Colt! What a team. Cowboy Bill Watts has a moustache. This is great! Dusty gets cut, and the heels work him over in a number of nasty ways. Bill Watts is a stuttering hot tag, but it's still kind of fun. All hell breaks loose, and Dick Murdoch does a fantastic bump from an atomic drop. Great footage!
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    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    Omega is meant to be a big star in US wrestling. Shawn was formerly a big star in US wrestling. That's the comparison that interests me.
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    Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Omega

    Has Kenny Omega had a match in the US to match Shawn's best matches?
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    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I like David and Kevin. Kerry not so much. Fritz was the best, though. His claw would squeeze Kenny Omega's head like a lemon.
  15. Probably the most overrated feud of 2002. I can understand the appeal, and Kikuchi vs. Liger is fun at times, but people make out like this is Memphis meets juniors wrestling, or NJPW vs. WAR. It's not. Japanese wrestling was in a deep, deep rut in 2002, but just because this has some heat doesn't mean it's a golden nugget. And Minoru Tanaka is still the worst.