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    RIP Guy Hauray

    How delayed were the PPVs? We had PPVs on free-to-air TV in New Zealand, but they were months behind.
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    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    @MoSWhoa, India.
  3. This had its moments, but I wasn't really into it. I liked Misawa's elbows and Takayama's knee strikes and kicks, but I was disappointed by the overall dynamic. Takayama should have been more aggressive. I have no idea why he holds back so much. He comes across as this huge dude with no killer instinct. Misawa took too much of the offense, and to be honest, a lot of the time it felt like he was going through the motions. Misawa was never really great against opponents like Hansen, and I felt like Takayama was also somewhat incompatible. It's strange because it really shouldn't be that way. Misawa was one of the all-time great sellers, and one of the reasons why he was so great at selling a beating was because he had that deep offensive arsenal to draw upon when he needed a counter punch. There's no reason why he couldn't have taken a mauling from Takayama, sold it like hell, and pulled out an elbow or suplex right when he needed to. Instead, he works from the top and winds up gassed. Everybody gets old and slows down. I guess I shouldn't hold Misawa to such impossible standards, but this feels like one of those matches that he got through, instead of a match where he showed his genius.
  4. Man, I love Takayama. In my mind, he's like an Andre, or a Hansen, or a Vader. Unfortunately, he didn't get booked that way. He pretty much gets treated like a giant JTTS. This match had flashes of greatness, but it would have been better if they'd treated Takayama as a bigger threat. Nagata's a guy I'm supposed to like in theory because he's technical and a mat wrestler, but I don't because it's half-arsed. I'd love to see Hashimoto vs. Takayama. I bet that would have ruled.
  5. ohtani's jacket

    French catch

    Jack de Lasartesse vs. Michel Allary (aired 1/22/60) This was old but worth watching again. Lasartesse is such a great Buddy Rogers style heel. In many ways, his lack of offensive prowess actually works in his favor as not only can he concentrate on heatseeking, he actually looks like even more of a prick by not being that good at professional wrestling. I love how much of his offense is based around those ridiculously long legs of his. Allary is a classic French babyface and starts throwing haymaker uppercuts five minutes into the bout. Entertaining scuffle. I'd love to see how Lasartesse fared against Dapp or Leduc. Al Hayes & Ray Hunter vs. Roger Delaporte & Andre Bollet (aired 2/1/60) This was really good. As much as I love Villars, Delaporte and Bollet were special together. This was easily the best Hunter has looked in the catch footage. The credit for that has to go to Delaporte and Bollet, who were in fine form here. Hayes also did a fantastic job of holding up his end. I came out of this wishing I could see a Hayes vs. Delaporte singles match, which, honestly, is the most excited I've been about Delaporte in a while. If you're looking for entertainment from catch, this ticks all the boxes.
  6. ohtani's jacket

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I finished Garth Ennis' run on Hellblazer. It tapered off a bit towards the end, as most runs do, but I was happy that he tied up all the loose threads instead of leaving them for another writer to ignore or misinterpret. The biggest problem I had with the run was the impetus for Constantine turning his life around after he'd hit rock bottom. I thought that could have been handled better. More impressive was the Heartland one shot that deals with Kit's life in Belfast and her relationship with her family. That was a great read. Proof positive that Ennis doesn't need to use shock tactics to write a really good story. Some other things I've been reading: Jonah Hex, where have you been all my life? I've always had a fondness for Westerns but never explored the genre in comic book format. The Hex stories have been excellent so far. I have been eagerly devouring Roy Thomas & Barry Smith's Conan the Barbarian. I love the early Savage Sword of Conan issues, but for the longest time, I had this impression that the original Conan title was watered down and not worth reading. That was stupid of me. Smith starts out as a Kirby clone in the early issues, but he quickly begins to develop his own style, and within half a dozen issues, his artwork is simply phenomenal. It really is some of the most gorgeous stuff I've seen in comics. Although, I'm up to the Elric crossover right now, and I think that's been a misfire. I also read the Chris Claremont & Frank Miller Wolverine mini-series. Having lived in Japan for many years, I thought the representation of Japan was silly (Yakuza, ninjas, etc.), but the art is nice. If you like Miller's early work on Daredevil, you should check out his pencils on the series.
  7. ohtani's jacket

    [2002-06-09-BattlARTS] Yuki Ishikawa vs Katsumi Usuda

    I was dismayed to see Ishikawa in MMA trunks, but this ended up being one of the more memorable Ishikawa vs. Usuda fights. Anyone who thinks Low Ki vs. Danielson is a straight MMA/shoot style knock off needs to watch the real thing. This was a better MMA/shoot style bout than Low Ki vs. Danielson, but it lacks the hype of two US indie workers defying the norm. You can argue that it doesn't have the three act structure that Danielson and Low Ki tried to use even in their tap out match, but the work itself is superior to the tape influenced Low Ki and Danielson.
  8. This was cool. Hard to see anything topping Low Ki vs. Danielson as the best US rivalry of 2002. My favorite part of the match was blows to the head that Danielson gave Low Ki in that modified STF hold. I don't know whether that was an MMA influence or BattlARTS, but it was cool. The only part I didn't like was the Germans and that lame fist pump from Danielson. Aside from that, this was right up my alley. I'm not sure why everyone is high on Danielson and low on Low Ki, though. They were pretty much equals at this point. I prefer Low Ki to Danielson, but only because I like his gangsta Master of Kung Fu shtick better than Danielson's babyface act. The one thing I don't get about Danielson, even now, is his charisma and the pull he has with folks. I didn't watch this stuff as it happened, and he was never one of my boys, so I can't really relate to the hero worship. What I can respect is the commitment to working a no-pinfall, submission match with an MMA/shoot style influence. That is an awesome thing to ape.
  9. This was a pretty average trios match up until the third caida. The first two falls revolved around Tarzan Boy & Los Guerreros del Infierno's dislike of Mascara Magica and the fact that Satanico couldn't trust him either. Shocker more or less took a backseat during the first two falls, but the third fall was outstanding. Satanico gave another fiery performance. His second strong performance of the year for those of you keeping count. After being shackled in the early going, Shocker finally took center stage, and his exchanges were excellent. His work here was far more satisfying than the singles matches of the past few weeks. The finish was screwy, but it didn't matter since it happened in rhythm. I was down on Shocker heading into this match. Now I think he has promise as a tecnico. I wonder what my final opinion will be.
  10. This was better than I expected. Heading into the match, I knew that it was more or less an angle, but I didn't expect the rudos to do such a number on the tecnicos. Panther attacked Black Warrior's second, Niebla, with an armbar that was easily the most vicious thing I've seen Panther do as a rudo. Then he helped bust Black Warrior open with a pair of scissors, no less. And, finally, Wagner showed that superstar charisma of his that has been sorely lacking for most of the year. Pretty good as far as storyline matches go.
  11. When you think about it, it's kind of crazy that Gran Markus Jr headlined a CMLL PPV in 2002. But he did, and it's pretty harmless. Perhaps I have a soft spot for it because Pierroth is involved. Gran Markus got another beatdown here, and shockingly, he bled.
  12. I wasn't feeling this until Kanemaru tore the front of Liger's mask open, and you could see Liger's poor attempt at growing facial hair. The opening was chaotic, but inter-promotional stuff had been done to death at this point. It is impossible for me to get excited about this being NJPW vs. NOAH. Japanese promotions had been doing inter-promotional feuds and "invasions" for decades, but the 90s saw a real overkill. I don't think this was as good as the average NJPW vs. WAR match, but I did love Kanemaru turning it into a street fight, and I loved the finish. Tanaka was such a douche. He clearly modeled himself after the King of Douches, Nobuhiko Takada.
  13. ohtani's jacket

    [2002-02-15-CMLL] Shocker vs Tarzan Boy

    This was a title match for Shocker's World Light Heavyweight Championship, but it was far from classic. In fact, it was pretty bad. The match was an excuse to have Tarzan Boy attack his second, Mascara Magica. Tarzan Boy had been talking shit about Mascara Magica for a while and making it clear that he didn't think Magica belonged in Los Guerreros del Infierno. The finish was the worst I've seen in a title match, but it's not as though it spoiled anything. The entire match was sloppy and derivative. I questioned why this match wasn't headlining the March pay-per-view, but I'm struggling to see how they could have delivered anything better on pay-per-view. I guess I was hoping these Shocker vs. Tarzan Boy matches would be sneakily good like the Wagner/Atlantis matches from the year before, but no dice. Apparently, they had a rematch the following week, but the match records are unclear. In any event, we don't have it on tape, which may be a blessing if it actually took place.
  14. ohtani's jacket

    [2002-02-08-CMLL] Shocker vs Tarzan Boy

    This was surprisingly clean -- no run-ins, no low blows, and no bullshit with the ref. Well, there was a foul, but it wasn't a match killer. The work was good, but it was mano a mano, so they were holding back a bit. The troubling thing was the lack of crowd heat. If it wasn't for the cheering sections, the crowd would have been dead. Dare I say it was too clean? This was one of Shocker's first singles matches as a tecnico, and he didn't really put his stamp on the match. Certainly not as much as he would have done as a rudo. Quite a stepdown from the previous week's trios match where it felt like Shocker had arrived. CMLL ran this match three weeks in a row instead of building to a match on their 3/17 pay-per-view, which strikes me as odd, but let's see where the rematch takes us.
  15. Kojima came into this match with a different attitude from their February match. He wasn't going to be bullied or pushed around anymore. Of course, it didn't take long for Tenryu to remind him who's boss. I swear the band-aid over Kojima's nose was like a red rag to a bull with Tenryu using it as target practice. The Osaka crowd was right behind Kojima, which led to a longer than necessary finishing stretch, but hey, you can't blame Kojima for milking the crowd reaction. Actually, there wasn't a hell of a lot else on this card, so I guess they had to go long. Honestly, I don't expect Tenryu vs. Kojima matches to be great, so I was happy that the match was good. More enjoyable than the dreck we saw in 2001.