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  1. ohtani's jacket

    Stan Hansen

    The Hennig match is good, but it's nowhere near a classic. I will say that I thought Hansen did a great job of selling for a guy, who to my mind, is not the most credible brawler. I also loved all of his little adlibs. I didn't like the finishing stretch much, and I thought Hennig was kind of mediocre overall, but it was a pretty good studio match. To consider it a classic, it would need to have something that elevated it over other great studio matches and I didn't see that at all.
  2. ohtani's jacket

    [2002-05-04-IWA-MS] Ian Rotten vs Chris Hero

    This was the first time I've seen Ian Rotten. I loved how hard fought this was. It was rough around the edges and a little bit amateur at times, but you couldn't fault the intensity. Both guys put a huge emphasis on the pain being inflicted and there was some great selling both vocally and in applying the holds. This is the kind of stuff I like to see from the indy backwaters.
  3. This began with a contract signing for a hair vs. hair match and turned into an excellent match. Easily one of the best lead-in matches to an apuestas match that CMLL has ran since probably the big cage match at the end of 2001. Blue Panther was on hand to expertly guide the Japanese guys through the match, but I'm gonna eat my words here -- I talked shit about the Japanese guys touring Mexico, which was something I didn't wanna see at all, but these guys have taken to lucha like Fuchi and Onita took to Memphis. I am super excited for the hair match, which I hope doesn't lead to huge disappointment. Shocker is starting to stake his claim for 2000 Lucha WOTY. He's really begun flexing his working chops the past few weeks. If he keeps this up, there's no stopping him. Magica is doing okay in his role too, and like I said, the Japanese guys get it without having to play sneaky, stereotypical Japanese heel roles. And as an added bonus, we get a little Satanico vs. Panther, which is like two galaxies colliding. I'm amped.
  4. This was an excellent match. Honestly, it's night and day between this and their return match, I guess that boils down to the circumstances. Toyota was going over here so she was happy to let Ito shine whereas in the return match was dropping the title on her way out. The return match is odd because they usually have excellent matches together. One thing I've noticed about Ito recently is that although she put on weight over the years, she wasn't very tall and not really that big in the traditional sense. She just wrestled big. I swear her footstomp is one of the most brutally effective moves in the history of professional wrestling. It doesn't matter how many times I see her do it, it always leaves me in awe. Toyota brought her usual bag of tricks. Don't expect a leopard to change its' spots this far into its career. If you can appreciate the totality of a Manami Toyota match and don't get caught up in the details then you'll enjoy this. Coupled with the great Momoe/Maekawa match from the same show, this show makes the highpoint of the 2000-2001 AJW revival with things going downhill from here. Great pair of matches to go out on.
  5. ohtani's jacket

    [2002-07-24-TNA] Low Ki vs Amazing Red

    Well, we can safely add 'fun TV match worker' to Low Ki's resume. I could have done without the Mike Tenay treatment, but the action was top notch.
  6. ohtani's jacket

    Antonio Inoki

    I have a thread in the Microscope covering 70s and 80s New Japan. I recommend checking out his matches against Strong Kobayashi and Sakaguchi. To me, Sakaguchi is one of the most legitimately underrated workers in wrestling history. I also recommend his work against Thesz and his worked shoot matches. If you liked the Markoff match, check out his matches against Killer Karl Krupp. I am pretty sure he has at least one decent Andre match as well.
  7. ohtani's jacket

    German catch

    Fit Finlay vs. Alex Wright (Wein '94) This was a year removed from their other Wein matches. Wright has grown as a wrestler and gets the better of Finlay during the early exchanges. Finlay takes over and does his thing, but it's aborted due to a run-in from Schumann. I was hoping for something better.
  8. ohtani's jacket

    Mariko Yoshida: Complete & Accurate

    I was curious about that KAORU match from '94. It was okay, but a little rough around the edges and very much in the vein of midcarder trying to have a great match.
  9. ohtani's jacket

    Mariko Yoshida: Complete & Accurate

    You need to watch the Yagi matches pronto. I think there's another Fukawa match as well. You also need to see the Megumi Fuji match.
  10. ohtani's jacket

    Jushin "Thunder" Liger

    Liger is a guy I struggle to find interesting. I thought the NOAH stuff would spark some interest but it only soured things more. I did enjoy the Hase handheld match, though. Perhaps I need to go back to that era.
  11. ohtani's jacket

    Stan Hansen

    It's better if I didn't say. I like strobogo's take on Hansen a lot. My gut tells me that because Hansen is such an ideal brawler that folks can't see past the positives and put him through the wringer like they do with Flair, but for now I'm going to rewatch some of the matches people mentioned.
  12. ohtani's jacket

    French catch

    Segunda Caida reviews and releases the matches on a weekly basis. I don't think they're up to the Giusto match yet. They should get there soon as they're up to 1965 and I think the match you're asking about is from 1966.
  13. ohtani's jacket

    French catch

    If you visit the Segunda Caida blog you will be able to find links to matches featuring Italian wrestlers.
  14. ohtani's jacket

    Stan Hansen

    I'm not saying he didn't have great matches. I agree that the matches against Andre, Colon, Kobashi and Kawada are great, but that's not a lot of matches. I can think of maligned workers who blow that out of the water.
  15. ohtani's jacket

    Stan Hansen

    Mismatch is perhaps the wrong choice of word, but think about the guys who he had repeat singles matches with -- guys like Misawa, Inoki, Backlund, Choshu. (I don't really care for the Tenryu or Funk matches all that much either, but they're better than his matches with the other guys I mentioned.) He had plenty of opportunities to work something great with those guys, but the best you can say is "this is the best match they had together." If he hadn't stuck around in AJPW in the 90s then his resume of singles matches would be pretty thin. I'm sure there is a litany of good Hansen singles matches dating back to Hansen vs. Destroyer, but if you want to argue top 10, top 5, good matches doesn't cut it. Pretty much everyone being nominated had good matches.