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Pierroth vs. El Supremo (mask vs. mask)

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Pierroth vs. El Supremo, mask vs. mask, 12/08/92


This was a return to greatness for PIERROTH.


I fucking loved this.


-- I should note that the version I watched was letterboxed (which it made it seem like a rare piece of lucha footage) and for some reason the sound quality was better than usual. Arena Mexico never sounded so good.


At some point in 1992, Pierroth turned technico and was a huge hit with the crowd.


Supremo was an older luchador with a classic look -- huge chest, beautiful mask. He had that graceful way of moving that you don't see much of anymore. It was beautiful to watch, especially how he'd whip his man into the ropes. Great hands. He wrestled as he might have done whenever he was a technico, but broke that code of conduct.


What I loved most was how simple and succinct it was. The heel ref Gato Montini gave Supremo leverage to cheat and Sangre Chicana was fucking brilliant hitting Pierroth with the towel and picking his spots to punch him. Pierroth was choked in the ropes, busted open and had his mask stretched across his face, giving him plenty of opportunity to work his magic. It was your basic pearl habour of a charismatic technico, but Pierroth was awesome in the role. The crimson mask. The hair sticking out the top. The biting & tooth and nail scraping.


His second got taken the fuck out of the equation too, which ruled.


Pierroth used the force of his personality to fight his way back into the match. I loved the way he worked out of a corner and it was brilliant how they sold their hands after punches or chops.


Great start and end to the year for Pierroth.


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