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Sangre Chicana vs. La Fiera ('93 hair match)

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Sangre Chicana vs. La Fiera, hair vs. hair, CMLL 7/2/93


Ah, 1993 CMLL.


AAA was doing big business at the time, and if this was CMLL's way of rolling with the punches, I have no idea why they ran such slow, plodding matches.


Not that I'm complaining. Sangre Chicana is just about my favourite wrestler for doing absolutely fucking nothing and getting heat for it. He spent the entire match measuring La Fiera with punches & walking off into the crowd to jaw with the public. He had a fair bit of support from rudo fans in the front, who clued him in to Fiera dragging his bruised and battered sides toward Chicana. Chicana working the rib and kidney area was awesome and made it all the sweeter when he'd slip one in on Fiera's chin. Guys don't work the body enough these days. That's a fact.


Fiera, who had turned a short while before this, wasn't the greatest technico to ever mount a comeback, but Chicana sold everything like it just broke his nose or sent spasms to every corner of his body. The highlight of the match was Fiera's all or nothing tope. Chicana didn't catch it particularly well, but Fiera swan diving over the top rope was pretty spectacular and looked tremendous. There was only gonna be one loser after that type of move and the barber wasn't three quarters finished before they launched into an extra round. They brawled away the way to the back with more intensity than they showed in the fight, so either Chicana was fucking around too much or they wanted to go further round the horn.


No blood and not a hidden gem, but 1993 CMLL is always worth a look. They worked this really long lock-up at the start that was an interesting counterpoint to AAA in itself.


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