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El Dandy in trios action

ohtani's jacket


Dandy/Chicana/Lizmark vs Satanico/Charles/Estrada, 11/9/1990


This was a teaser for the big hair match. I hadn't seen 1990 El Dandy for a while, but before the match they showed him visiting a family and he looked every bit the champion of the world, with his black eye and open collar shirt. And check out the shoes.


This was Dandy at the peak of his powers. I liked how Satanico wouldn't grapple. El Dandy had to fight 3 on 1 just to get a piece of Satanico and even then Satanico wouldn't give a sucker an even break. My favourite spot was when he got caught one-on-one with Dandy and pulled his hair back in despair. He stepped into Dandy and hooked him square in the jaw. Such an awesome ruse. The body shots were as good as ever, but the skirmishs were better. They had one flare up where Satanico kept shrugging off the blows and leading with the knee, and Dandy was just pummeling him.


It wouldn't be much of a trios if the other guys were spectators, and they matched the pace. Chicana was nailing guys like a golden gloves boxer, Lizmark ripped through his spots and the rudos took huge bumps. The third fall dives were awesome, and it ended like all trios should, with Dandy quicker on the draw.


Casas/Espectro Jr/Espectro De Ultratumba vs Mendoza/Dandy/Negra, 6/19/92


Dandy vs. Casas. If you woke up and found it was all a dream, you'd swear nothing could ever be this good.


Maybe the strikes weren't as good as Dandy v Satanico, but Casas has to be the most audacious wrestler to ever set foot in a ring. A lot of wrestlers start clean and cheat when they can't get an advantage, but not Casas... He fouled his way through the entire match; pretty much spat in Dandy's eye... Then at the end, when Dandy was trying to hook him in the surfboard, he wouldn't give his arms. Dandy slapped him in the face, but Casas kept his upper body tucked. Finally Dandy straightened his arms, but as he was leaning back, Casas pulled forward, breaking the hold. And if that weren't enough, he pinned him, clean as a whistle, with his very own hold. All those slaps, punches and jabs to the eye, and when it comes down to it, he's the better man on the canvas. You have to marvel at how Casas worked backwards from foul to clean pin.


For the most part, the others steered clear and let Casas and Dandy go at it, but they chimed in when they could and the Espectros were fun in their role. I've got a soft spot for Ringo Mendoza, and he got into the swing of this with some great punches and a tope. When the main theme is contempt between rivals, you have to shadow that and they made sure there was no shortage of animosity.


A good pair of trios. Close call as to which was better. The difference was probably 1990 El Dandy vs. 1992 Dandy. He was bigger in '92 and blew up from time to time, whereas in 1990 he was in the shape of his life and a phenom.


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