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Buzz Sawyer & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami



I just watched Buzz Sawyer & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami from sometime in February of 87 from New Japan. I was immediately excited for this because Bigelow comes in without his flame attire and is instead rocking the black gear from Memphis with the "I am a monster" t-shirt, and so I can see that he is going to be a complete bad ass in this.


Bigelow and Buzz attack before the bell and the ref looks legitimately scared of Bigelow and starts calling Buddy Rose in to try and get him under control. Buddy seems to be more of a handler than a manager here, which I dig. Once things officially get started Fujinama and Bam Bam start in the ring, and Fujinama holds Inoki back from getting in there with Bigelow and instead calls for Buzz to get in there. I am happy to see guys act like they want nothing to do with the monster Bam Bam so I approve. Buzz comes in laughing and screaming like a mad man as only Buzz Sawyer can but Fujinama gets the best of him and ends up in control after Buzz misses a psycho splash. Fujinama pulls him into the corner and makes the tag to Inoki so Buzz gets away and tags Bigelow back in. And now we have Bigelow and Inoki in the ring but Bigelow comes in fired up and Fujinama tries to hold Inoki back. Bigelow is tired of Inoki avoiding him and does a cartwheel which sends the Japanese team to the apron, possibly to ponder how to get in the ring with Bam Bam and not die.


Inoki finally gets in there and the crowd gets hot chanting for him. Bigelow and Rose are not pleased. Inoki runs the ropes teasing a shoulderblock but is hesitant and hangs back. Inoki backs into the corner and Fujinama tags himself in, leaving myself and Bigelow disappointed. Bigelow, tired of dealing with their fear, tags Buzz back in. The camera focuses in on Buzz's face as he looks totally unhinged in the face off with Fujinami. Rose on the outside asks "where is your champion now? why isn't he in the ring against Bigelow?" and I am left to ask the same thing. Buzz shoots Fujinama into the ropes and leapfrogs him, and is so proud of himself. Unfortunately he turns around into a Fujinama dropkick and goes SAILING out of the ring. God Buzz was never afraid to bump like a madman to the outside. Buzz is so frustrated he starts slamming his own head into the guardrail on the outside.


Buzz comes back inside and Inoki has gotten the tag in. Buzz and Inoki do a test of strength and Buzz gets the better of it until Inoki starts to power back and decides he's had enough of the test of strength and starts kicking Buzz in the leg. Buzz decides it's time to get out and tags Bigelow in, and I'm hopeful that Bigelow and Inoki will finally face off. And they do! Inoki charges Bigelow and nails him but Bam Bam is having none of that and throws Inoki into the ropes and crushes him with a shoulderblock. Fujinama tags himself back in and Bigelow and myself are frustrated once again. Bigelow just wants Inoki so Buzz comes back in to try his luck with Fujinama again. Buzz kicks Fujinama in the gut and sends him into the ropes and Fujinama tries to come back with a cross body but Buzz catches him and hits a NICE powerslam. Buzz goes up to the top rope for a splash and Fujinama moves and Buzz lands awkwardly on his feet and falls down holding his ankle. Inoki gets tagged back in and hits an enzugiri on Buzz, who can barely sell it and falls down very gingerly. Inoki goes for a cover and Bam Bam comes in and tries to break it up but Inoki moves and Bam Bam elbowdrops Buzz instead. Fujinama comes in after Bigelow and Bam Bam tosses him outside and goes after Inoki press slamming him to the outside as the ref calls for the bell, I assume to disqualify Bigelow and Buzz.


After the match Bigelow and Inoki face off in the ring but the ring fills up with people to hold back Inoki before they can go at it. Bigelow is pissed and starts tossing young boys around and calls for Inoki to fight him. Finally Fujinama and others get Inoki to leave the ring, and I am disappointed that I never got to see them go at it. It seems like this one came to an abrupt end as Sawyer seemed to legitimately injure himself coming off the top rope on that splash attempt. If Buzz hadn't gotten injured, it felt like this was building to an eventual confrontation between Bigelow and Inoki near the end of the match that would have been hot, but as it was this one left me a little disappointed. I will have to try and track down the eventual Bam Bam vs. Inoki singles match that I am sure happened soon after this, as they really built up Bigelow as a monster here and a very real threat to Inoki.


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