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  1. goc

    Pantera Surena

    Watched the match with Lola Gonzalez this morning and it's as good as any big lucha hair match from the 80s. It's unfortunate there's really no sound on the video because I think that has to be the reason the match has not gained more of an audience since being put on youtube in 2013.
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  3. Bert Prentice is and has been promoting shows in Jackson, TN for years.
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  6. Yea man what a fucking corporate sell out Corey Graves is for being mad that CM Punk, who was such a close friend that he held Corey's first born son before Corey could even do it himself, stopped associating with him because he didn't quit WWE! Obviously the correct solution was for him to leave WWE when CM Punk did.
  7. goc

    WWE TV 05/07 - 05/13

    Why do a long build to Ronda winning the title? People would just whine about how obvious it was that she was gonna win the title, how she was somehow "burying" everyone else in the division and how she doesn't "deserve" to win because she didn't spend 3 years in NXT before coming to the main roster.
  8. goc

    The 10,000 person crowd

    From everything I've read, there was no limit on per-person sales so it's likely that a lot of tickets were bought by experienced scalpers who do this all the time. I've seen way more complaints about the website and the StubHub prices than people saying they actually bought tickets on the official website. The other argument is "But there aren't even that many tickets on StubHub!" which is true but also it wouldn't make sense to immediately put 1000 tickets on StubHub because that would ruin the artificial scarcity mark up they have going on there now that is allowing them to sell ringside seats for $1000+
  9. goc

    The 10,000 person crowd

    Anyone who REALLY wants to go to this but didn't get tickets from the official seller should just wait it out for a few weeks/months. Right now the ticket prices on StubHub are crazy because they are taking advantage of the super marks freaking out that "OH MY GOD IT'S SO POPULAR ALL THE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT, I WILL PAY ANYTHING TO BE ABLE TO GO TO THIS!" Most of the talk about this I've seen on twitter has been about how people who wanted to go DIDN'T get tickets so I think the majority of what was sold went to scalpers. Once the super marks have all bought their tickets at 4-5x their face value, I suspect the prices will really start coming down. I would even guess that if you wait until the day of the event you'll probably be able to buy tickets for LESS than face value.
  10. goc

    WWE TV 04/23 - 04/29

    I think most people who I've seen complain about how WWE has "wasted" Anderson & Gallows are only aware that they were tag champs in New Japan and were not watching during that run to know that they weren't setting the world on fire with their matches nor were they even treated as that important considering they worked a whole feud based around giving the camera men reasons to focus on Maria's ass.
  11. goc

    Puerto Rico Wrestling

    1991 playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB8FXHmaF-0otXzRdJePv_TTVH6VpKYEW
  12. goc

    Shodate banned?

    If we're gonna unban people who are accused of being trolls and snobbish, then can we at least swap out shodate for stro? At least you could actually read stro's posts.
  13. goc

    WWE TV 03/19 - 03/25

    I mean it's pretty damn simple considering Shane & Bryan both got the shit kicked out of them in two on one attacks by Owens & Zayn and they can easily just decide that those two were the source of their problems with each other anyway so there's no need to continue their beef.
  14. goc

    The 10,000 person crowd

    Dave is a stickler for accuracy on attendance numbers when it comes to certain promotions but people have been mocking him on twitter for years about just reporting whatever numbers RoH tells him for attendance in the Observer. It was fairly obvious he was getting inflated numbers in like 2014-2016 before RoH attendance did genuinely pick back up.