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Some IWRG and AULL

ohtani's jacket


Back to work for these guys.


Oficiales 911, AK47 y Fierro vs. Zatura, Chico Ché & Freelance, 5/14/09


This is the first Oficiales match I've seen all year. A decent hit out, I suppose, but largely forgettable. It was the type of trios where they pause in the middle for the Freelance show; he hits a bunch of cool spots and then it's back to the same old, same old. The beatdowns were mildly interesting, but it's difficult to care about technicos like Zatura and Chico Ché.


Fuerza Guerrera, Juventud Guerrera & Dr. Cerebro vs. Negro Navarro & Traumas I y II, 5/14/09


This began with some nice matwork between Fuerza and the Trauma kid who always starts off trios matches for Dinastía Navarro. It was low stakes stuff and very much the role the Trauma kid's been assigned to, but on the whole I thought they struck a better balance than Terry and the Navarro kid. Negro and Dr. Cerebro followed that up with an up tempo submission duel. Cerebro has a bunch of cool tricks in his holster and has been quietly having a great year. I thought he was the most consistent of the Terribles Cerebros in their pre-H1N1 feud; just a really good spot worker.


One of my favourite things about trios wrestling is the number of directions a match can take, but it's always a little disappointing when they toss aside the matwork. This turned into a pier six, and while it was reasonably tidy, I stopped paying attention. For some reason, the Guerreras turned on Cerebro and Black Terry made an appearance. I guess the Cerebros and Guerreras will feud, though continuity has never been a strong point in lucha. Juventud's a guy I haven't seen wrestle in ten years. He looks like shit. Can't say I'm excited about him biding his time in IWRG.


Solar vs. Negro Navarro, Campeonáto de las Américas, 5/16/09


Good, mat based title match that probably deserves another watch. I was distracted by my wife wanting to buy a house, but it looked as though there was no quarter asked and no quarter given. I had a problem with the rhythm, however. Title matches are always broken into three falls, but here they were clear "breaks" in the match. There wasn't much in the way of overlapping; they'd start again from the neutral position as though they were recycling the first fall. I need to watch it again to pick up on any shifts, but it seemed to me that this was straight up grappling with nothing much in the way of story. I've got no problems watching them grapple, but they seem to have an aversion towards real finishes, and as a result, it wasn't a step above their usual stuff. At this point, I'd say it's a better tag and trios match-up than a singles one.


EDIT: Watched it again. The second fall was the best, which doesn't surprise me since it was Navarro's fall. There was some overlap between falls, and I liked that Solar had to become more physical to shake Negro, but the finish was weak. If you're serious about matwork, you should stay away from ropework and pins and earn the win the hard way.


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