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Floyd's Wrestlemania 2 Review

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Floyd’s Rant for Wrestlemania II


Wrestlemania 2 has always been a childhood favorite of mine. IN fact, it’s easily the Wrestlemania event I’ve seen the most times. This year Vince McMahon wanted to do what Jim Crockett did for Starcade and stage a big card in more than one venue. He chose Three, the first being in:


New York:

Ray Charles sings the national anthem. Despite some feedback, does a awesome job on it. Ray Charles > Limp Bisquick any day. Roddy Piper cuts a promo saying if Mr. T knocks him out he will quit wrestling. He also adds a creepy line about saying he “will quit dating girls”, then puts his arm around Orton and says “I’ll stick with you”.


New York commentators: Vince McMahon and Susan Saint James. I still don’t know who the fuck Susan Saint James is and why she’s here, and don’t feel like looking it up after hearing her awful commentary. Seriously I wish I had a Spanish track or something instead of McMahon/James.


1. Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff Vs. “The Magnificent” Muraco (w/manager Mr. Fuji) – I remember seeing some old pre-Hogan-days Muraco and he looked pretty awesome, but he went waaayyyyyy downhill after he had to get big for WWF 80’s day IMO. Orndorff was also really good until his injury. Muraco gets an early slam but Orndorff gets a slam right back for a huge crowd pop. Muraco stomps Orndorff in the corner but Mr. Wonderful quickly gets the advantage and works on da arm. He works the arm for awhile until Muraco gets a Samoan Drop to break the hold. Both guys start slugging it out until they both tumble out of the ring. The ref separates them and someone RINGS THE BELL! THEY RINGS THE F*^#%&ING BELL!… The crowd starts yelling “Bullshit Bullshit!” and without meaning too I am as well. That’s crap. Super short match which is the sad norm for this show, not even a real match DUD


Mr. T cuts a promo and holy crap he reminds me more of Eddie Murphy imitating Mr. T rather than the real deal. You know, I’m not sure what the end of Orndorff/Muracos was, I’m guessing a Double DQ.


2. INTER-CONTINENTAL TITLE: “Macho Man” Randy Savage (w/ manager Elizabeth) Vs. George “The Animal” Steele – Savage comes out to the High School graduation theme. Steele was a big player who I think wrestled both Bruno Sammartino and Bob backlund. Steele has a hard-on for Elizabeth. Savage was just awesome here. He was seriously ahead of the curve with just about anybody else in the promotion. One thing I remember about Savage is how fast he was in his matches. George starts running around like a loony so Savage bails. Savage goes in and out of the ring until Steele finally goes after him. Steele catches him and starts biting Savage'sleg! Savage unwisely goes after Steele so George uses his monster ape-like strength to toss him around. Steele goes after Elizabeth to proclaim his undying love, so Savage gets him tied up in the ropes and puts da boots to him. Flying bodypress gets 2 but on the kickout Steele kicks Savage right out of the ring. Back in and back out. Back in and back out. Jesus Christ Savage is spending more time outside then in. Hey wait.. Where’d he go? Savage goes under the ring and Pearl Harbors Steele from behind. Brains over Brawn. Steele simply bites him in the arm. WTF ref!?? Savage takes a bouquet of flowers that was for Elizabeth and slaps the taste out of Steele, so Steele bites his arm again and tries to stuff the flowers down Macho’s mouth! Steele goes to celebrate by eating a turnbuckle. He uses the stuffing as a weapon somehow to blind and suffocate Savage. Macho’s out…. again…. Steele professes his love to Elizabeth which enables Macho to get a top rope axe handle Hehe hell yeah!! Back in and Macho hits a Top-Rope elbow!! 1,2,3 it’s over Macho wins and… wait…..WTF!!!?? Steele kicked out? That’s crap. Anyway Macho cheats with his feet on the ropes and gets the real pin. Steele doesn’t care and keeps eating the turnbuckle to drown his sorrow. I like Steele and all but Savage was completely wasted here, he should’ve fought Santana, or Steamboat or someone who could’ve kept up with him. *1/4


3. Jake ‘the Snake” Roberts Vs. George Wells – Wells and I share the same last name so I automatically thought he was cool, which is a shame cause I never saw him ever again. Anyway Ex-football player Wells (who looks like a roided up Virgil/Vincent) comes out fast and starts pounding Roberts in and out of the ring. Flying football tackle and head butt puts Jake facedown. Flying headscissors by Wells and Jake calls for a time out. Jake is selling really good. Powerslam gets 2. Jezz, Jake is getting mauled. But Roberts get the old Greco-Roman eye-poke. Wells is swinging blindly and walks right into a knee lift and then….. DDT!!!! It’s ovah! Go ahead and bring the casket down and sprinkle Wells’s ashes cause NO ONE gets out of the DDT back then. Jake brings Damian out of the bag and wraps it around George Wells, who foams/pukes at it. This match showed that no matter what happens, one DDT and it’s all over. *


4. Roddy Piper (w/ Bob Orton & Lou Duva) Vs. Mr. T (w/ Haiti Kid & Smoking Joe Frasier) – Replay shows how stupid Mr. T was at SNME where he was outsmarted by Piper and Orton and was whipped like a dog in the middle of the ring. Piper also shaved the Haiti Kid on Piper’s Pit to make him look like Mr. T. Joan Rivers is a guest ring announcer, I bet she pulls a Lillian Garcia and forgets who the wrestlers are.


Guest Judges: Basketball Glass Breaker: Darry Dawkins (cool), Scat-man Cab Calloway (awesome), Judge G. Gordon Lilddy (whatever) , Guest ring announcer……………Herb.. Herb?? Who the crap was Herb!?!?!?! He prances around like a hairdresser and I don’t remember any of these B and C-celebs in the orginal clipped version. This is a boxing match by the way.


Piper starts talking trash that Mr. T tries to ignore. Suddenly they goes nose-to-nose. Ah hell yeah!!! It’s on now biyatch! I’m not going to lie, I love this match. A lot of people call this one of the worst embarresments for wrestling and consistantly give it a negative million stars galore, but when I think of John Cena’s reign, it’s nowhere near as bad.


[Round 1]

They go right at and Piper gets a cheap shot out of out of a break. Mr. T with a Jack Lamotta peek-a-boo defense avoiding Piper who’s swinging like crazy. Round ends with both guys still going at it and the seconds around the ring have to break them up. Pretty even round. Piper walks over between the round and talks more trash..


[Round 2]

Early on the ref and Mr. T notice Piper has a lot of grease on his forhead. Hehehehehehe. Cheater! It’s wiped off and Piper starts getting some combos in. Mr. T gets stuck in the corner and is wailed upon. Mr. T is hurt! He on wobbly legs. He’s knocked down and falls like a tree!!! Rocky II my ass. A-Team huh? Mr. T gets up but Piper keeps up the onslaught, and in fact the crowd starts chanting “Roddy! Roddy!” Mr. T collapses at the bell and gets a standing 8 count. Mr. T is hurt. Roddy dances in victory!

In between the round Orton throws water at Mr. T. This is awesome! It’s like a clown sketch at the circus.


[Round 3]

I laugh again when Roddy starts shuffling around like Piper Ali. Mr. T throws some bombs and Piper gets knocked on his ass in the corner. He looks knocked out!! He gets up by 8. A dazed Piper calls out Mr. T. Now the crowd chants “T! T! T!” Turncoats! Big ass left jab Frasier must’ve taught him, and Piper gets knocked right out of the ring!! Orton’s practically shoving Piper’s semi-conscious carcass back into the ring by 9. Piper somehow lasts the round but is beat up. In between the round and now Mr. T comes over and talks trash to Piper.



[Round 4]

Piper throws a chair at Mr. T to start the round. Both guys are weary and start trading shots at each other. Mr. T’s mouthpiece is knocked out by one. Piper’s getting the advantage! No.. Now Mr. T is!.. Both men are exhausted. What tha..? Piper shoves the ref down.. and bodyslams Mr. T! 10,000 people run into the ring to separate them. Mr. T gets his arm raised in victory so Piper jumps him. The melee continues like a Jerry Springer episode. I was hoping for the Haiti kid to be flung like a discus into the crowd.

Smark rating: *, Fun rating: ****

Overall: **1/2



Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Mean Gene Oakerlund, Guest Celebrity Cathy Lee Crosby.


5.WOMEN’S TITLE: “The Fabulous” Moolah Vs. Velvet McIntyre. Yeshh talk about a squash. Moolah gets some hair tosses. McIntyre comes back with some one-footed dropkicks, then goes for a Snuka splash only to belly-flop for the Mollah 1,2,3 pin. DUD


6. Corporal Kirchner Vs. Nikolai Volkoff (w/ manager “Classy” Freddie Blassie) – This is a flag match. Corporal Kirchner is infamous for a bad reason. After leaving the WWF he went to Japan as Leatherface and was jailed for destroying some guys face in a fight, then was blacklisted for nearly killing poor Shoji Nakamaki by legdropping and powerbombing him into a bed of nails. When you gets kicked out of IWA for being TOO violent, you got problems. Nikolai sings the Russian anthem again. I think this is a re-match from a SNME flag match where in a BIG upset Nikolai won. Another ridiculously short match. Corp blades early which is a big deal in Vince McMahon's 80’s WWF, although it’s only a paper-cut sized trickle. The ref gets bumped and Blassie throws in the Deadly Cane of Doom, only for Corp to intercept it and waffle Nikoli for the win! I guess cheating's OK. USA! USA! USA! DUD


7. Football Vs. Wrestlers Battle Royal. This has a lot of NFL football players, capitalizing on the Chicago bears popular 86 Superbowl run. Anyone remember the Superbowl shuffle? HAHAHA that old lady who used to do the “Where’s the Beef” line in Wendy’s commercials had her mic turned off. That was money well spent Vince… Special outside refs: Dick Butt-kiss and “Too Tall” Jones (ex football players/manager). Looks like Ernie Ladd (ex-football and wrestler) is a guest commentator who does a good job. According to Gorilla, the combined weight of all the participants is 5,612 lbs, which is about the same weight as Two King Mabel’s and a side order of Rikishi.


Participants: Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi, Dan Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, The Iron Sheik, The Killer Bees, The Hart Foundation, Big John Studd, Bill Fralic, Jimbo Covert, William “Refrigerator” Perry, Harvey Martin, Ernie Holmes, Russ Francis, Bruno Sammartino, and Andre the Giant. - Hard to review this match. Refrigerator Perry and Big John Studd go at it. Last 10 or so: Shiek eliminated 3 guys right away. Bill Fralic gets tossed. Bruno backdrops da evil Shiek out. Studd eliminates 180 yr old Bruno Sammartino. Perry tackles BOTH Hart Foundation guys over the top to a huge pop, but they stay in. Perry goes for another tackle but Studd sidesteps him like a matador. Ole! So Perry goes right over the top rope. HAHA But then he gives Studd a congradulary handshake and Studd gets pulled out! STUDD YOU DUMBASS! Four guys left. The Hart Foundation, Russ Francis, and Andre. Double dropkick gets Andre tied up in the ropes. Francis tries to run but the Harts soften him up and toss him. Double team on Andre including a slingshot tackle. They try to toss him but Andre kicks them off. Another slingshot tackle but Bret Hart eats a mouthful of Andre’s boot. Double noggin knocker! And in one of the crazier looking bumps ever, Andre lightly kicks Neidhart, who proceeds to backpedal about 20 steps and eliminate himself! Bret Hart tries to be sneaky and climb to top but gets caught and tossed over the top rope (one-handed too!) by Andre onto Neidhart. Andre wins! Really fun Battle Royal. **


Piper gives another cool promo about Mr. T’s hair and cheating. “I don’t have to shave my head like an Indian and I don’t have to paint myself black”. Hmmmm. Hey Piper. Did you forget that when you fought Bad News at WM 6? Football player Jumbo Covert cries like a little schoolgirl at being thrown out. Sheik gives another undecipherable promo.


8. TAG TAM CHAMPIONSHIP – The Dream Team (Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/”Luscious” Johnny Valiant) Vs. The British Bulldogs (Davey boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid w/manager Captain Lou Albano) – Just to start off, this is my MOTY for 1986. Now there were a lot of better matches this year, Windham/Flair and Fujinami/Maeda quickly come to mind, but this is a big mark-out moment for myself as the Bulldogs finally get their chance at the champs at the biggest show of the year, this time with an outside ref to watch out for the Dream team’s chicanery. For some reason Ozzy Osbourn is ringside. I’m hoping he isn’t too coked up at ringside, as he’s about to see a great match.


Davey Boy and The Hammer start off. Davey quickly tosses Greg 10 ft in the air right on his ass. Slugfest back and forth and I suddenly feel bad for Valentine cause he’s tough and it’ll be him taking the hard shots from the Bulldogs whereas Beefcake hates to get his hair messed up. Dynamite is tagged in and he hits a 65mph shoulderblock on Greg. Super intense snap suplex and the Hammer is seeing stars. Davey boy comes in and hits a vertical suplex for 2. Valentine goes outside to takes a powder (not from Ozzy) from the Bulldog onslaught. Stiff forearms by Valentine and a headbutt into Daveyboy’s chestnutts and now he’s a soprano (Not the gangster). Beefcake enters the ring and the match automatically goes down 2 stars. Beefcake works on the arm, Daveyboy counters by hitting a NASTY military press. I mean Davey bounced about 4 feet off the canvas after slamming Beefcake. Dynamite comes back in and chops the shit out of Brutus. Davey boy back in and he hits a perfect-plex for 2. Standing front facelock and Beefcake makes a smart move by backing up, tagging Valentine and holding Davey boy for a Hammer shot from the top-rope.


Valentine takes over. Monsoon and Gene put over Valentine’s Hall-of-Fame father. Valentine with a headlock but this time Davey returns the favor, backs up and gets a tag while Valentine is stuck. Dynamite and Greg trade stiff shots like they were back in Japan or something. That’s the thing with Dynamite. He would kill himself for his opponent, but he would also KILL his opponent to get a great match. Side back breaker and Dynamite almost gets the 3 but Beefcake makes the save. Lotsa quick double team moves that you never see nowadays. Valentine hits a sit-down piledriver for a close 2. Dynamite’s hurt!! Somehow Dynamite recovers and now all Four men get involved. Davey boy presses Dynamite over his head to throw at Valentine but he recovers and bails from the ring at the last minute. Tag to Davey and a big time Running Powerslam. Man Greg’s getting killed here, what the hell is Beefcake doing? Valentine reverses an irish whip and Davey gets his arm posted. Hammerlock and Beefcake gets a tag and top rope fist drop. Beefcake takes over the hammerlock and in a NASTYASS bump does THIS:


JESUS CHRIST!! -> bulldogsdream9tu.gif


They keep working on Davey boy’s arm and Valentine gets a running shoulder breaker. For 1..2.. He pulls him back up!!? What’s he thinking? Ahhh..I think he just wants to punish him some more. Davey boy in desperation whips Valentine into the corner where he hits head to head with Dynamite, who flies off the top right onto the floor (Looked nasty too, shame the camera didn’t get a shot if it). Valentine stumbles backwards and falls on his back, Davey collapses on him for the 1…2… 3!!! Wow that came out of nowhere! Beefcake tried to make the save but the outside ref grabbed his leg. There were better Bulldog/Dream team matches but this was just awesome as the Bulldogs finally got the titles after months of chasing and getting screwed. Dynamite blades just for fun outside. ****1/4


Los Angles:

Commentators: Gov. Jesse da Body Ventura, Lord Alfred Hayes and Elvira and Elvira’s boobs.


9. Hercules Hernandez Vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat – Rumor has it that Steamboat was going to take on Bret Hart here, but they switched to Hercules at the last minute. {Sigh}…Herc attacks right away and starts beating the stuffing out of the dragon. Bunch of reversals and the ArmDragon gets his first 2 armdrags. Herc powers out but Steamboat runs around until he gets the arm again and works more on it. Elvira and Jesse mock Steamboat and call him a wuss for wearing a bandanna on his leg. Hey who’s the one wearing the boa here Jesse? Herc gets out again but Steamboat’s way to fast for him and Steamer gets a suplex on the big man. Herc powers out again and this time clothesline the crap out of Steamboat. Herc starts putting the knees to Steamboat’s skull, gets a bearhug, then drops him throat first onto the top rope. Crowd chants “Steamboat! Steamboat!” Steamboat draws power from the fans and tries a desperation powerslam, but Hercules is too fat and almost gets a 3 when he falls on him. Steamboat’s stumbling around the ring like Floyd on one Dollar margarita night. Hercules looks a bit like Eugene to me. Steamboat gets some big time chops in but Herc stops that nonsense with another clothesline, and gets 2. Press slam by Hercules and he didn’t just toss him, but really rammed Steamboat hard into the mat full force. Another press slam and Herc makes dumb heel mistake #24 by going to the top rope. He tries a Herc splash but Steamboat gets the knees up! Steamboat shows him how it’s done and hits a flying bodypress for the 3 count. Alfred Hayes and Jesse argue about the ref’s count speed. **1/2


10.“Adorable” Adrian Adonis (w/ manager Jimmy hart) Vs. Uncle Elmer – This may come to a huge shock to a lot of people, but Adonis was an AWESOME worker back in the day. He was a fat guy but was ridiculously fast and agile, and could sell like a mofo. I’m not sure why Vince punished him, I’ve heard it was either cause he refused to job to people or wouldn’t lose weight. Anyway, he got stuck with the “gay” gimmick but like Repo man and Dusty Rhodes, took a shitty gimmick and actually got over with it. Ughh, but it’s heart-breaking to see Adonis dressed up and acting like this. As for Uncle Elmer, Vince just had a hard-on for Hillbilly wrestlers, maybe he thought he was making fun of Ted Turner of something I dunno..


Elmer starts with a cheapshot and 300lb Adonis hits a freaking Flair flip in the corner! Crazy stuff, it’s like seeing Mark Henry doing Curt Henning-like selling. More crazy-ass bumping by Adonis and he’s flopping around like Rey Mysterio Jr. Adonis is thrown to the outside and Jimmy Hart argues with the ref. Back in and Uncle Elmer starts undressing Adonis. Elmer with a stomach-block or whatever and Adonis flips over the top ropes and gets caught in the ropes. Adonis gets out only to get a huge Avalanche from Elmer! Uncle Elmer Splash attempt misses and Adonis goes to the top rope for a top rope headbutt, Benoit eat your heart out. Adonis and Hart prance around the ring a few times. That bumping was CRAZY but pretty much a squash. *


11. Tito Santana & JYD Vs. Terry & Dory Funk Jr. – Terry and JYD had been feuding for months and this is the blowoff. Hogan gets his 2nd interview of the card. Terry Funk starts shoving the ref around before the match. Funk was a youngster, only 40 yrs old or so for this match. If you didn’t know that both Terry and Dory are two of the GREATEST wrestlers in history, you need to seriously stop reading this and go find some of their matches….. RIGHT NOW….. JYD starts attacking the Funks so Terry starts throwing chairs into the ring. Terry’s completely insane and Dory has to calm him down. Dory and JYD start off. Dory goes for an irish whip, JYD reverses it, and Dory hits his brother who for some reason falls into the ring like a drunk madman. 5 sec in and this is already awesome. JYD starts bodyslamming both Funks out of the ring. Terry jaws with the fans. Dory gets a cheapshot on Chico, who gets tagged in. So Dory tags in Terry. Terry with some chops but Chico whips him into the ropes. Terry hits the ropes front first and nearly goes over them. It’s hard to describe what’s going on but Funk’s selling is pretty funny/awesome. Funks gets clotheslined right outtra da ring and Chico starts dropkicking Dory who tried to sneak in. Both Funks are out again and Terry’stumbling and punching at ghosts outside. Back in and Terry Funk tries to out punch JYD but ends up being spun around like a top. JYD rams Funk’s head into the turnbuckle 10 times and Terry having trouble standing up. So what does JYD do? He grabs him and rams him 10 more times into the turnbuckle. Another crazy bump to the outside and Terry Funk’s in trouble….. again…


Now it’s Dory Funk Vs. Chico. Dory Funk with European uppercuts. Back and forth on the ropes and Santana hits the Flying Jalapeno!! Terry Funk makes the save but of course gets wailed on some more. They do the Funk’s cool double criss-cross thing, which surprisingly works this time as Santana get a Terry Funk knee in the back. Terry tosses Chico outside where Jimmy Harts gets some boots in. Terry gets a suplex for a long 3 and a pissed-off Funk pushes the ref around, who pushes him back. Another suplex attempt but Chico reverses it. They hit head to head and Terry falls luckily right into his corner where Dory tags in. Dory with a butterfly suplex for 2. Chico tries to get the his corner.. almost there….Nope not quite. More Chico beatdown and Terry goes for a legdrop but misses. Chico’s crawling…. almost there again… almost…there…. Nope not quite. Terry mocks Chico by offering him his hand for a tag, but Chico uses his West Texas football evasion moves and gets the hot tag for JYD!! Terry wraps a chain around JYD when the ref is busy, but JYD is inhuman and no sells it! Terry charges and gets backdropped to the concrete floor! Ouch! JYD slams Terry Funk onto a table.. which breaks.! ECW! ECW! ECW! ECW! ECW! This is crazy stuff for the WWF in it’s day. I think Harley Race had the next WWF table bump (which sadly didn’t go so well), and then it was 10 yrs until Bret Hart did the next one. Uh-oh Terry’s leg is hurt! Jimmy Hart is on the apron and JYD pops him in the mouth. All 4 guys in the ring. Suddenly from stage left a megaphone is thrown into the ring, Terry catches and knock out JYD for the 3! That was an awesomely fun match. If you liked this check out the JYD, Hogan VS. Funks SNME match too. ****




12. WORLD TITLE MATCH - Hulk Hogan Vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ manager Bobby Heenan) – This is a Cage match. King Kong Bundy (with Don Muraco’s help) broke Hogan’s ribs at SNME and now the Hulkster gets his revenge inside the confines of the steel cage.


Celeb watch:

Guest Ring announcer: Tommy Lasorda (fat Dodgers coach)

Guest Timekeeper: Ricky Schroeder (B-list actor in Silver Spoons)

Guest referee: Robert Conrad (another TV B-celeb, I hope Bundy squashes him)


Bundy is awesome. His body is shaped like a Milk Dud or a M & M, and looks like he could legitimately snap you in half. Hmmmm just noticed all the security guys around the ring are fat, must be a Union. Hogan enters the ring with his ribs still taped. I’m so glad Ventura is calling this Hogan match. They slug it out and Hogan gets the advantage. Chops and then a big stink Hulkster boot to the head. Because Hogan is such a role model, he uses Bundy’s straps on his outfit to choke him. It’s all Hogan, but he can’t knock the big man off his feet. Bundy gets some rib shots and now Hogan’s hurt! New World Champ in the making? More Rib work and Hogan is in terrible pain. And he’s locked in a cage, so there is no escape! Hogan’s on his back and Bundy goes for the door. Hogan dives and stops him at the last minute. Bundy picks up Hogan and rams Hogan’s back -first into the cage. Bundy tries to escape again but Hogan dives and stops him. Heenan is having a heart attack outside at all these near escapes. Bundy unwraps the ribs and turn-about-is-fair-play as he chokes out Hogan with the bandages. In a smart move Bundy ties up Hogan to the cage and goes to the door! Bundy’s nearly out! But Hogan stops him at the last minute. Now Hogan is making a comeback. He rams Bundy into the cage and Bundy blades! A decent one too for the WWF at the time. Hogan works on the cut and Bundy bleeds more. Hogan throws Bundy around the cage like a pinball. Hogan picks up Bundy, but Bundy falls right onto Hogan with his 400lb + body weight.


Bundy goes for the door! Hogan grabs the tape and chokes Bundy. Bundy goes to the eyes and whips him into the corner. AVALANCE!!! Not only that but big Bundy splash!! It’s over! New champ!! He goes for the door. He’s almost there!! Another dive and Hogan stops him. Bundy lays the shots in and Hulkster starts Hulking up! DAMMIT! F*&$^! Hogan whips Bundy and bodyslams Bundy on the rebound. He hits his silly legdrop and now Hogan climbs the cage. Bundy climbs the turnbuckle to stop him at the last minute. Heenan is trying to stop him from the outside too. Hogan kicks Bundy down and continues climbing. Heenan’s trying to stop him. Bundy crawls to the door. Who will win the race? Hogan drops down and wins at the last minute! Somehow a part of me knows that match wasn’t good but I still liked it. **1/2


After the match Hogan the big mean bully he is whips poor 70lb Heenan (who may or may not have had his nasty neck injury at this time) into the cage. Heenan takes a bump better than Hogan would EVER take, even while dreaming. One atomic Drop later and Heenan bumps right out of the cage. Thankfully they didn’t include an extra DVD just for Hogan’s pose down.


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