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Charles Lucero matches cont.

ohtani's jacket


Galactar y Rico Rodriguez vs. Alberto Dos Rios y Charles Lucero, ACM 3/9/14


I didn't pay too much attention to what the other guys were doing, but when Lucero was in, he showed he could still work rapid fire lucha sequences, at least with the younger guys. So, I guess the slower exchanges in the title match had more to do with Silver Star's bumping than Lucero's timing. These one fall Monterrey tags are completely unnoteworthy, but it's good to see Lucero is an even more complete worker than I thought.


Diluvio Negro I, Diluvio Negro II y Silver Star vs. Antifaz del Norte, Charles Lucero y Sergio Romo Jr., ACM 1/24/10


This was really fun. It was like those early 90s Monterrey trios matches only in 2010. Monterrey is famous for its bloody brawls and wacky gimmicks, but it also has its own style of trios matches. If I were to have a go at describing them, I'd call them free spirited affairs with plenty of fun exchanges. Everyone stepped in and had the kind of pure lucha exchanges you go out of your way to see. Silver Star was a whole lot better four years ago and had some crisp exchanges with Lucero, but they were basically all good, and this was blissfully uncomplicated.


Chucho Mar Jr., Stuka Jr. y Sombra de Plata vs. Charles Lucero, Caifan I, y Super Comando, Gimnasio Nuevo Leon 1/18/04


Decent mat opening with Lucero and Chucho Mar. Not a blow-away pairing, but they spent plenty of time on the mat. After that, it was mostly rope running and dives. Stuka's spots were fun if you haven't seen them in a while.


Hijo Del Centurion Negro, Rey Hechicero y Símbolo vs. Black Spirit, Charles Lucero y Golden Boy, ACM 7/21/13


This was worth watching for the Hechicero/Lucero exchanges, but was a bit of a mess otherwise. Lucero was really off on his double teaming spots, which is the first time I've seen Lucero look weak in any area, but his exchanges with Hechicero were too good to label it a weak performance overall. I wouldn't say any of the exchanges added to the singles matches they had, but since we're unlikely to see this match-up again any time soon it's worth flicking on if you're looking for more of their work.


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