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DVDVR Mid-South/UWF Matches of the 80's Disk #2



My thought on Disk #2 (Ranked in order of best-to-worst):


Cream of the crop:


1. Rock N Roll Express & Hacksaw Duggan vs. Midnight Express & Ernie Ladd (6/8/84) [sDM-3] - Really surprised this was my favorite match of the set but it was really fun. Ladd just towered over everybody and the Midnights and Cornette brought their shenanigans to the party. Ricky Morton plays Ricky Morton here. A molten crowd always helps too.


2. Magnum T.A. vs. Ted DiBiase (No DQ) (Tulsa 5/27/84) [sDM-2] - Hard to pick this or their same day match, but I liked this one a bit better. It seemed a bit more heated and Magnum's come-back a bit more dramatic. Both guys brawled all over the place over Magnum's N.American title with DiBiase using the No-DQ rule to cheat it up. I heard the Motorcity machine guns got heat for refusing to blade while Magnum bladed twice in one day. The times.... they are a changin''


3. Magnum T.A. vs. Ted DiBiase (No DQ) (OKC 5/27/84) [sDM-1] - Same greatness. Different city. .



Very good too:


4.The Fantastics vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero (10/12/84) [sDM-13] - Great little tag match showing what a fun heel team the Guerreros were.


5. Magnum T.A. vs. Ted DiBiase (7/6/84) [sDM-5] - I actually had this higher than the two No-DQ matches initially, but after rewatching all three again (and yet again), I rated this 3rd. Still a very good match with magnum yet again having to make a dramatic come-back to retain the belt.


6. Rock N Roll Express & Hacksaw Duggan vs. Midnight Express & Ernie Ladd (7/2/84) [sDM-4] - Not as great as the first encounter, but still really fun.





7. The Fantastics & Hacksaw Duggan vs. Midnight Express & Jim Cornette (7/20/84) [sDM-6] - While not their best match-up, the great thing about this match is comedy involved with Cornette. Red hot crowd.


8. The Fantastics vs. Midnight Express (No DQ) (9/28/84) [sDM-11] - Started out as an amazing anything goes No-Dq brawl but slowed up as it turned into a tag team match. Still really good. Hey where's Cornette? All I see is some masked dude outside the ring. ;-)


9. The Fantastics vs. Midnight Express (OKC 8/9/84) [sDM-7]) - Typical Midnight Express formula which as DDT says is not a bad thing but a good thing..



Good to OK


10. Killer Khan vs. Chris Adams (9/9/84) [sDM-9]) - Killer Khan gets alot of hate but I really enjoyed this short but fun match. Khan seems flabbergasted by Adams getting the better of him early on but soon him and his manager take over.


11. Dusty Rhodes & Jim Duggan vs. Butch Reed & Hercules Hernandez (8/19/84) [sDM-8] - More proof just how awesome Reed was. Another red hot crowd making an average match so much better.


OK but ain't no Top 20 or nothin:


12. Brickhouse Brown & Master G vs. Butch Reed & Ernie Ladd (10/21/84) [sDM-14] - Another really fun tag match but too slow in some parts.


13. Butch Reed vs. Skip Young (9/23/84) [sDM-10] - Both guys played their parts well but I dunno. Nothing stood out as memorable.


14. Adrian Street vs. Chris Adams (10/10/84) [sDM-12] - Expected a better technical match then this. Short TV match. Adrian Street. Woman beater!!





Thought fo' Disk #2:


- Was harder for me to get through, and needed lots of re-watches. I guess cause of the repeats of match-ups and the fact that while nothing jumped out as super-mega-awesome, nothing was bad either. Good stuff all 'round on this disk.


- First time I saw Ernie Ladd. He had to be pretty broken down from his football and wrestling career at this stage, but was alot more spry then what I would've figured. For some reason he reminded me of a black Giant Baba. Baba should've turned heel and teamed with Ladd in the 70's....


- Butch Reed is an awesome heel.


- The Fantastics stock went up a bit for me.


- I saw some future Eddie Guerrero heel stuff while watching his brothers perform.


- The Bonus stuff is really fun for it's history and is a very welcome addition.




Floyd's Ongoing Mid-South Top 10: (After two Disks)


1. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia vs. Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne (Loser Leaves Town) (10/27/82) [PTB-8]

2. Ted DiBiase vs. Hacksaw Duggan (Street Fight) (7/29/83) [PTB-14]

3. Mr. Olympia vs. Chavo Guerrerro (6/24/83) [PTB-13]

4. Rock N Roll Express & Hacksaw Duggan vs. Midnight Express & Ernie Ladd (6/8/84) [sDM-3]

5. Mr. Wrestling II & Magnum T.A. vs. Midnight Express (2/10/84) [PTB-16]

6. Magnum T.A. vs. Ted DiBiase (No DQ) (Tulsa 5/27/84) [sDM-2]

7. Magnum T.A. vs. Ted DiBiase (No DQ) (OKC 5/27/84) [sDM-1]

8. The Fantastics vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero (10/12/84) [sDM-13]

9. Mr. Olympia vs. Bob Roop (7/15/82) [PTB-5]

10. Mr. Wrestling II & Junkyard Dog vs. Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase (2/16/83) [PTB-10]




Your thought on Disk#2? Or any of the Mid South matches?


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