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A random thought




I didn't really feel like I had anywhere else to post this thought, it wasn't worthy of a thread reply anywhere that I could think of. However, I've realized that I get enjoyment from WWE, especially RAW, the same way that I get enjoyment from watching bad movies.


I can get on Netflix and watch shit like Wolf Cop and it cracks me up. I can live-Tweet about a new Sharkado movie & be entertained for hours.


That's what I do with WWE & RAW. I get enjoyment & fun from making fun of it. That's where my entertainment from it comes.


There's still good matches and funny moments and what not. However, I don't still follow WWE despite hating it. I don't hate it. I just enjoy it differently than some. I like cheesing on it. It's like a campy horror movie to me in that way.



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