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  1. Coffey

    AEW TV 5/25-5/31

    Losing Penelope Ford would be a mistake, imo. I think she's more valuable than Ruby Soho tbh.
  2. Coffey

    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW needs a Bam Bam Bigelow. A big man (that works big) that's a good base, that is heel, that can squash little guys whom you have to topple to move to the main event. Brody King might work but he's stuck in the House of Black, which might not even be a detriment since in ECW, Bigelow was in the Triple Threat. Like, Brody King versus Darby Allin would slap.
  3. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 11/13 2022

    I think it's a combination of too much ROH stuff & too many ex-NXT guys. AEW is losing their identity.
  4. Coffey

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Just sounds like lip service bullshit to me. I read about the "going to give equal time to men & women" & it's like, how can you say that before you even have a roster? If you have 30 men & 10 women, you're still going to give them equal time? Just pandering to appeal to online fans on social media. If current AEW, as an example, gave equal time to men & women it would be a goddamn disaster. That last episode of Dynamite is a perfect example. The main event bombed, the Julia Hart shit dragged & the Rosa/Serena promo lost the crowd. They have some talented women but they also have women that stink too. The big difference being they have so many more men than women that when the guys stink, they can just move on to the next guy that doesn't stink (ideally). But the women are so thin the options are a lot more limited. Unless they hire a lot more women. Who is Freddie Prince going to be able to get that WWE or AEW didn't get first? It's already spread super thin. There's not a lot of Sasha Banks' out there.
  5. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    This womens promo segment is fucking brutal.
  6. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    Fenix/Dante: Pretty decent match. I’ll never like any spot where the wrestlers stand around & wait for crowd approval - and the commercial break hurt the flow early too. It was still entertaining & I liked the finish.
  7. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    Is Jericho referring to himself as The Wizard so he can feud with Danhausen next to try to leech some of his heat?
  8. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    …they’re making Hangman the heel in this match?
  9. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    Old school booking still works, baby! Wardog is mad over!
  10. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    Jeff Hardy moves like the last time I saw The Undertaker.
  11. Coffey

    AEW TV - May 4/6 2022

    Four of the last five weeks (I had to work last Wednesday), I've watched AEW Dynamite live with my fiancée. It's become a tradition for us. It's a lot of fun! Looking forward to the show again tonight. Fenix Vs. Martin should be a good spot fest. I think Jeff Hardy is over-the-hill, so I'm not expecting a lot out of him against Fish, but you never know. Deonna Purrazzo on AEW will be fun to see.
  12. Coffey

    All Elite Wrestling

    The amount of people that complain about graphics & lack of roster size is crazy to me. The one & only thing that really matters is if the game is fun to play. If the games looks beautiful & has 600 wrestlers but plays like shit, who gives a fuck? 50 people is plenty. We don't really need every single jobber having their own character anyway. Right now, from the trailers I've seen, the game looks very early in development but I heard it was supposed to come out this year? That can't be right. Also, don't read the comments on that NoDQ article. Talk about people having an agenda... goddamn.
  13. Coffey

    AEW TV - April 20/22, 2022

    I lost all interest in her when she seemed to care more about getting a good match rating from Dave Meltzer. This was a pretty good week of Dynamite though. I've watched the last three weeks live on TV with my fiancé because I'm off on Wednesdays now. So far, she has liked Samoa Joe & Jade Cargill & she hates HOOK. Said he looks like a pouting teenager that doesn't get his way from his mom lmfao. It drives me crazy how he puts on the Tazmission almost as an after thought instead of making it seem like more of a bigger deal. I dunno. The Punk/Dustin match was a lot of fun. I really bought into the near fall after the Piledriver. Dustin's selling of his knee was great. I really liked fired up Ethan Page's promo, too. The main event needed more time, I feel, which was wasted on the Britt promo & the Sammy/Tay segment getting too much time imo. I like Regal's stable. The HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT meant nothing to me. I dig Wardlow. I like The Butcher too - great look. Danhausen reminds me of Sammy Terry - but I don't know if he was just a midwest thing or if he's more famous than that. He was a host of old cable access b-movies back in the day. Kind of like what Elvira did only without the sex appeal lol. Give me The Butcher Vs. Brody King in a hoss vs. hoss match!
  14. Coffey

    AEW TV - April 13/15, 2022

    That's what the overrun was? The shit Meltzer was talking about? Set your DVRs to make sure you don't miss the shitty AEW version of Great Khali. Yeah, buddy...
  15. The whole CYN "promotion" is just going to provide an easy checklist for wrestlers to not hire/pay attention to for everyone else.