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  1. Coffey

    WWE TV 08/19 - 08/25 The Return of the King of the Ring

    I'm pretty sure WWE could make an awesome card that I would pay money to see just from people that they don't use on TV. I've not seen Rusev in forever & he's one of my favorites in the entire company. Jack Gallagher, another guy I'm a big fan of, is stuck in 205 Live basically on jobber duty. They've had Harper for years & never done anything with him & right now, he's literally doing nothing. But guys like Dolph & Corbin are literally on every show. At least it feels like it. I mean, at least I understand why they keep using Seth. I don't get it, but I understand.
  2. Coffey

    NXT talk

    The last time I remember marking out for Seth Rollins was when he showed up in NXT out of nowhere from the crowd to call out Triple H.
  3. What are the odds when Smackdown starts on FOX that the titles are on Brock, Roman & Charlotte? Cause I feel like they're not going to stick with Seth, Kofi & Bayley. Maybe Becky keeps one of the women's titles though. I honestly can't differentiate which title is supposed to be for which show anymore either.
  4. It doesn't even feel like it was all that long ago that Daniel Bryan was lambasted for his weak promo skills & character work. My how the times have changed.
  5. Adam Cole & Brit Baker
  6. Coffey

    Current New Japan

    I guess Amazing Red didn't stay retired for very long.
  7. Heyman (I guess?) bringing back King of the Ring, not too long after the great, legendary Harley Race passed away, does not make me sad!
  8. Coffey

    The Official Seth Rollins is Terrible Thread

    Jinder. Even injured. Hindered Jinder.
  9. What if Bray Wyatt was driving the car because The Fiend made/told him to do it? Then you can have Roman beat Bray but The Fiend doesn't show up. To really separate Wyatt from the Fiend alter ego. Of course, that doesn't answer the questions with Rowan & Daniel Bryan. I don't know. I just assume they're going to get everyone on Smackdown for FOX.
  10. What's scary to me is, despite the FOX debut on the horizon, WWE hasn't really cared about Survivor Series in a long while. So we're dangerously close to the time of the year where WWE goes into a lull. Basically now that SummerSlam is over, they just kill time until Royal Rumble. So, yeah, the FOX debut is coming & they're doing the Smackdown Anniversary, but the weekly TV is going to be a complete bore for the next few months. At least that is where I would put my money if I were a betting man. Although maybe they'll give more of a shit this fall since AEW will be on cable. There is another WWE Blood Money show though! :-| I guess to be perfectly honest, even the Rumble to Wrestlemania build the last couple of years has felt lackluster but historically, that seems to be when WWE cares more.
  11. Coffey

    The Official Seth Rollins is Terrible Thread

    Big E was the name I thought of too that I was going to suggest. It would also be something new & different. He would just have to get away from some of the comedy stuff. Also Roman Reigns is better than Seth Rollins in every way.
  12. Coffey

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    I will say this: Trish's Figure 8 looked better than Charlotte's.
  13. Coffey

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Admittedly, the Dolph/Goldberg stuff super entertained me. That shit was funny.
  14. Coffey

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Jobber Nattie.