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Yuki Ishikawa vs. George Terzis - BATTLE ARTS: GENESIS - June 14th, 2014

First two moves that happened were a bodyslam and an elbow drop so this is either going to be amazing or incredibly frustrating. Ishikawa punches George Terzis (seriously, that's the best pro wrestling name he could come up with?) square in the face and I am ALL IN. I googled George Terzis and there's a video of him wrestling Ken Kennedy on Velocity where Kennedy introduces him as "George". It was really funny, kind of like a Seinfeld skit and probably the best thing Kennedy's career has produced. Nifty matwork ensues and all is right in the world. Ishikawa's Enzui/Gamen-giri is a weird spot, it ranges from looking OK to out of this world stiff, thankfully he really rocked George here. George has good kicks, they won't make you forget about Katsumi Usuda but Ishikawa can produce greatness with them regardless. I'm not even sure how to describe Ishikawa's matwork it's too beautiful for my vocabulary. They have the best New Japan 2K Elbow exchange ever that is appropriately ended with a shoot slap to the face. George hit a pretty brutal knee strike that would've fit in in a high end Futen tag and then followed it up with a Dropkick which was pretty bizarre, it was something you'd expect to see in a 1987 Takada match. George really laid his shots in in the stretch, I may have undersold his kicks. They even busted out a couple of nasty Headbutts. Great submission battle before the finish. My only real complaint would be the annoying crowd noise, it was very UFC-esque and pretty cringeworthy, my favourite part of watching Pancrase was always the crowd silence and if the fighter had "seconds" their instructions would probably be hilarious (hands inside!). Easy ****.


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