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  1. Punk might be a legit blue belt in kimono grappling for all we know, but that's a totally different experience than grappling in shorts, which again is different than grappling with gloves and with striking allowed.
  2. Speaking of the Russian Legsweep, one of my biggest wrestling bubble burst moments was finding out it's actually extremely cool and also dangerous and banned in Judo: Well, I don't remember Baba's Legsweep looking anything like Uki Waza, could just be a neologism or the meaning of the name shifting like it did in Uranage with Hase.
  3. GOTNW

    General Chat topic

    I have a functionalist perspective on this as I heavily adjust what I listen to to my needs. While I study or write seminars I listen to classical music (which is just random stuff on youtube as I'm at least a couple of years away from saying anything about the subject confidently). Otherwise when I listen to "western" music for hedonism it's mostly shoegaze, ambient, vaporwave, lo-fi and similar stuff. I'd say at least 80% of what I listen to now is just local folk or folk-inspired pop tho
  4. GOTNW

    Greatest Wrestling Promotion of all time?

    I will echo Jetlag's point, it's hard to give a shit about peak if I have no desire to ever watch the vast majority of matches a company produces. For comparative purposes it's much easier for me to just rank Big Mouth Loud where basically almost every match is good than deal with the com plete legacy of All Japan.
  5. It's a rolling *savate* kick
  6. GOTNW

    The 10,000 person crowd

    This seems like a little redundant discussion now considering how easily New Japan will pull it off
  7. GOTNW

    Minoru Suzuki vs Matt Riddle (Bloodsport 4/5)

    This match was fun. What I liked most about it was that it was short and had at least some competitive grappling. The striking looked silly, and there wasn't anything to sink your teeth in, but it's a perfectly fine three star match with at least an attempt to do something else other than the dreaded trendy rope jump prowres.
  8. GOTNW

    UFC is a Solid Heel Territory Right Now

    You can actually count on Stipe for a solid, stable PPV number, and that's a big thing for 2018 UFC.
  9. I did not think this match was very good. Sabre's matwork was didn't have any legitimacy or urgency, nor did it have any special aesthetic appeal in its complexity. He was just putting on hold after hold and then releasing it and none of it mattered or led to anything, it wasn't even goofy enough to amuse me in that way. Okada is a worthless defensive wrestler, and Sabre didn't go the Minori Suzuki route of milking holds, so we got an ugly version of what it'd look like if prowres grappling was real and a one stripe white belt was desperately trying to tap someone coming in to the gym. Meanwhile Okada looked like a barely trained indy doofus with his stupid pants, inability to do a proper wristlock and even botching moves he usually hits clean like the Dropkick and the Rainmaker. The match was interesting for about one minute where they danced around in counters before the finish. Maybe if New Japan brought in Negro Navarro he could get a three star match out of Okada.
  10. GOTNW

    Bryan Danielson's in ring ability

    El-P please stick to throwing feces out the window and spare us outdated french philosophy arguments you aren't Barthes.
  11. GOTNW

    Bryan Danielson's in ring ability

    Most of what I said still stands, though the versatility line seems off. I had a really fun time watching him carry Kane to a good casket match, and he's certainly someone you could put on a pedestal if you have the stomach for watching wrestling all day as he consistently delivered in his style, but it's a style I've drifted away from and, unlike Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi, there isn't an early ZERO-1 tag or a Naoya Ogawa match or some random NOAH tag with millions chops that'll pique my interest now, and that I don't really care about volume for its own sake that much (well, I do to an extent, but certainly not to the absurd level of which it's available in terms of Danielson's matches on tape), eh.
  12. GOTNW

    Bryan Danielson's in ring ability

    No. In my opinion he's a gigantic failure when it comes to producing all time level wrestling, which is what you'd want from someone supposedly at that level. I don't think any of his matches would make my top 300.
  13. GOTNW

    My Top workers of all time

    I like this list because it's interesting, though it is a little weird it doesn't include Fujiwara and Maeda. Or, if you're strictly looking at skill, people like Geesink and Sakaguchi.
  14. GOTNW

    Indy shoot-style matches

    I did love Ki/Danielson and Justice/Garrini. I tend to enjoy pretty much all shoot style branches as well stuf that just uses its elements to create something unique like Porky/Escorpion or Lawler/Snowman, but including modern indy matches that happen to have some grappling with legit holds in it seems about as convincing as saying Lesnar vs Punk was a shoot style match because it had an Armbar spot or describing 2018 Minoru Suzuki matches as shoot style because he heavily relies on legit holds. I'm really big on traditional prowres matwork done right, but see whether it's great as a different issue than whether it's shoot style. You render the term pointless if it becomes too inclusive.
  15. GOTNW

    Indy shoot-style matches

    I watched some of his stuff like, 2 years ago when Evolve and grapplefuck in particular were emerging and remember him being an uninteresting grappler (who, like the rest of the guys there, worked more in the traditional pro wrestling matwork style with some legit holds mixed in than anything resembling shoot style) whose stand-up included thigh slapping headbutts, idk how much he's changed in the mean time, but it just left me with the impression that him having like, Yuki Ishikawa connections is like Kotaro Suzuki having a Misawa one. Even if they do all their spots it won't be nearly as cool.