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The dataintcash half-hour #1

ohtani's jacket


We all know that dataintcash is an invaluable source of lucha libre footage, and we all know that invaluable sources of wrestling footage invariably disappear from YouTube, so I thought instead of letting dataintcash's channel go to waste, I'd start throwing out some thoughts about his uploads for prosperity's sake. Originally, I was going to do an hours worth of footage at a time, but since his uploads tend to be fairly long, I'll just watch what I can. With Arthur Psycho's uploads, I did these oldest-to-newest. With dataintcash, I'm going to do them newest-to-oldest just for shits and giggles. I'm also going to try to knock these out as fast as possible, so don't expect my reviews to be any good. Instead, think of them as a rough guide (if that) for what to watch.


Jerry Estrada/Kung Fu/Herodes vs. Misterioso/Volador/Angel Azteca (6/28/91)


This starts off with a vignette where Fuerza Guerrera drives a car through the type of home security gate you'd expect to see in an 80s television show. He takes us on a tour of what is presumably his house and introduces us to what I can only assume is his wife and daughter. If you speak Spanish, you can correct me on this. We're also introduced to an older teen boy who is either his son, cousin, nephew, or wife's brother. Then we see a young Juventud Guerrera working out with weights while wearing a Fuerza mask. Upstairs, there's a dated looking home entertainment system and the Guerrera family (or rather the boys) are listening to Metallica, which Fuerza seems to approve of. Why we were getting to see the human side of a rudo is something that's lost in translation, but there you have it.


After that we get the epitome of a ** lucha trios. Despite being only **, there's a lot going on here. This was the first time I'd seen Herodes do his "crazy man" gimmick where he adopted different personas each week. In this instance he had a boxer's head gear on and a pair of boxing gloves and he commentators were calling him "Chacho Tyson" the entire time. It was weird. but he was Barry Darsow-ian in his commitment to his character. Somewhere in all this, Volador and Estrada were trying to put on a decent match, Angel Azteca was living in a post-Juan Herrera world where he'd been pushed and valued, while Kung Fu was struggling for relevancy after being unmasked. In other words, the typical hodgepodge of lucha libre wrestling. I don't know what prompts dataintcash to upload the matches that he does, but this was short on high spots and I would have just uploaded the Fuerza vignette and said stuff the rest.


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