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Pro Wrestling Only

An Introduction

G. Badger


I know blogs aren't the hip thing anymore. That's probably been the case for a long time actually. I'll admit that I'm out of it. Anyhow, I've been keeping a journal of my views on puroresu since I got hooked on it 11-12 years ago.


I've typed a couple hundred pages of reviews in a Word pad file on a Dell desktop. Then, for some reason a couple years ago, I've regressed into writing reviews into spiral notebooks. I've got to share this with someone, right? Eh, perhaps not the seasoned wrestling fan but, the guy or gal just getting into Puro. Or maybe someone who is looking to branch out from the current NJ style which seems to have become synonymous with Puro the last few years.


My goal or aim of this blog is to share my views on Japanese wrestling as well as other related styles or promotions throughout the years. Generally speaking, 1975-2015. I'm sure that I will hit upon some TNA, ROH, PWG, and wXW along the way but, that's why the blog is called Puro + More. I do want to try and cover current (2016-present) Wrestle 1 and Zero 1 via YouTube and Daily Motion as well.


I'm certainly going to still participate in the Match Discussion Archives. In fact, there may be some duplication there as well as from the Obscure Japanese Indies and WAR topics. Here I can expand upon them a bit more and ramble. In no way do I want this to be a big old review dump though.


I've got a schedule and daily theme set up (in my notebook of course) so, my objective is to post an entry once a day. I want to keep things varied for readers and myself. Plus, I want to keep the blog moving along so, it remains interesting for all. We all know how easy it is to start a project but, keeping up with it can be another matter.


Thanks for reading. I'm excited to get started :)


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