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NJPW You Might Have Missed: Keiichi Yamada

G. Badger



I really enjoy puro from the late 80's so, I'll admit that I probably get more rewatch value from pre-Jushin Liger Yamada than most. I think when I think about his work with and without a mask, he's probably in my top 10...I think! There's been a backlash against the 90's NJ Jr. style but, I've also seen that with the 80's Jr. stuff as well. That's cool but, that ain't me.


Keiichi Yamada vs Marc "Rollerball" Rocco (09/01/87): JIP, All action plus a leapfrog face to the nuts spot! Yes! This is PWG style complete with Shooting Star Press in '87! Go see this! It's timeless fun stuff plus short.


Yamada & Nobuhiko Takada vs Rocco & Owen Hart (09/07/87): Headbands, flashy jackets, it's 1987 alrighty! The Japanese team come out to the Rocky Theme. Oh snap, Rocco's got a studded leather glove like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden. British Metal in full effect sucka!


Starts fast with Yamada & Rocco but, Takada's in soon. Fan's chants are loud as a jet engine. Owen's in with the T-man. It's a little slower but, still great. Yamada and Rollerball are back and again they are working cobra quick. This is frenetic yet, beautifully executed wrestling. All 4 guys are cardio machines. The finish, while not my favorite, works for this match. I would have liked something ultra brutal or cool but, it'll do :) Really great match especially if you're open to a Junior workrate match.



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