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Spotlight: AJW 01/04/91

G. Badger



AJW TV January 4th 1991 (1/4/91)


Yumiko Hotta vs. Bat Yoshinaga- Nothing too awesome here other than Hotta kicking Bat in the face a few good times and busting out a top rope backdrop. ***


Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita & Toshiyo Yamada vs. Takako Inoue & Miori Kamiya & Mika Takahashi- Really weird seeing Mita with short hair like Yamada and Takako was a little chubby here but, not in a bad way. Kind like you could tell she was 18 or so. Surprisingly Mima was the worst here but, she was trying and of course would be one of the best ever. Yamada was badass already and the two other girls I didn't recognize were pretty good too. Just really super fast paced albeit loose mid-card 6 person tag stuff. This is the type of stuff that makes Zenjo special. ***3/4


Aja Kong & Bison Kimura vs. Manami Toyota & Suzuka Minami- Pretty sweet tag team match but, was over way too quick with Suzuki only being in for one segment. Jungle Jack isolated Toyota who was maybe low girl on the totem pole. It was pretty sweet while it lasted & Jungle Jack is an awesomely violent tag team. ***3/4


Bull Nakano vs. Akira Hokuto-WWWA Championship Who the hell is this chick looking like Lioness Asuka and with feet wraps instead of boots and wearing a white & blue get-up? Shit that's Hokuto!? Bull is the ice queen wearing a Napalm Death t-shirt with full on blue hair and her awesome make-up. Okay so getting over that this is 1991, we've got two of the greatest Joshi facing off. It's probably everything you could hope for EXCEPT the awesome explosive finish. Instead we get Bull beating Hokuto via a sort of flash-pin off a bridging leg-lift backdrop. It's ok because Bull's the #1 in the company & the vet and Hokuto is a spunky babyface follower of the Crush Gals (but still her own woman) and she can't make a slip-up with the champ in the ring. For it to have that awesome blow-up finish it would put them as equals and for what I can ascertain they're not equals. It's the #3 trying to take on the clear cut #1. I don't actually know if Hokuto ever had the red belt or would be more than third but, she stopped begging for a rematch as she cememnted herself as possibly the greatest Joshi in the months to come. ****1/2



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