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AJPW You Might Have Missed: Umanoseke Ueda

G. Badger


Umanoseke Ueda theme here today! Hahaha! This dude is sleazy in the best way. Very much reminds me of IWA Japan when he's in the ring. I think his most watched match nowadays is the 03/26/86 NJ team match.


Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta vs Tiger Jeet Singh & Umanoseke Ueda (12/11/80) Now this was a great brawl like Abby & the Sheik were doing in the 70's. It was really out of control but organized chaos. It was really fun stuff. ****...I maybe overrating it but, it's the best Tiger Jeet Singh match I've seen.


Funk Brothers vs Umanoseke Ueda & Buck Robley (10/06/81) This was/is on the DVDVR Top 150 of the AJ 80's...whew that's a mouthful...anyhow it's likely to come in near the bottom. So, my expectations were super low which I've found is an awesome place to be in! If this is the worst on the list then I really ought to see the other stuff! The Funks were in effect as always and Ueda and Buck Robley were just great cheatin' mid-carders. Like most great Funk matches the brawl after the match was as good or better than the actual bout. Really enjoyed this one ****


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