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AJPW Classics 173: 1988

G. Badger



Episode #173 collects matches from late autumn of 1988.


Shunji Takano vs Shinichi Nakano (09/15/88): I'm skeptical of the date on this because it looks like there is a different mat in the next bout. This one IIRC is an all blue mat. But that's the date that everyone has for this match so why not :) This is very much my type of non-cooperative wrestling. Special emphasis on "wrestling" until they start slapping memories out of each other's heads. Oh did I mention the headbutts? Oh yes, yes y'all! Plus watch for Takano's life altering elbow drops. You want to see this one. High Recomemndation. I wish these two would have stayed around for AJ in the 90's.


Shunji Takano & Shinichi Nakano vs Samson Fuyuki & Toshiaki Kawada (09/15/88): AJ Classics does show the date at the start as 09/15. Animal print headbands for Footloose! Everybody cut loose indeed. All Asia Tag beltos are up as Nakano & Takano defend. This is really vicious and heated. Double teams, stiff chair shots, and jumping knee, leg, and elbow drops like they're trying to put a hole in the ring. Takano & Kawada were my favorites here. This is the 2nd time I've watched this in a few months. Loved it as much if not more than the first time. Another highly recommended bout and a must see with their 07/19/88 match.


Stan Hansen vs Yoshiaki Yatsu (10/28/88): Oh hell yes! Hansen's charging the ring like a berserker. Having the audio muted and listening to Windhand only multiplies this gnarliness! Fucking Yatsu is not to be trifled with though. He's a a burly bearded badass if there ever was one! Dont't believe it? Watch this! I dare say this is better than any Jumbo/Stan match out there. This is the awesome brutal fast paced violence you're looking for. Classic match...a little over 10 minutes. Same show as the Jumbo vs Tenryu Triple Crown match. Very nice.


Awesome episode! Find this, buy this, watch this.



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