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Why not W*ING? and IWA Japan too!

G. Badger



Akira Hokuto & Etsuko Mita vs Kyoko Inoue & Sakie Hasegawa (W*ING 08/02/92): Who knew this match took place in a W*ING ring? Not I, I sing! Dr. Seuss...It's a pretty darn good match too. Sure, it gets the standard W*ING buzzcut in the middle and it starts raining but, its these 4 in 1992. So, if you ever needed an incentive to check 90's joshi out this might be it: 4 greats, tag match, sopping wet babes, insane dives in the rain, and not a super long epic. Thanks W*ING!


Now over to IWA Japan with a little spotlight on Takashi Okano!


Super Astro vs Takashi Okano (IWA Japan 11/17/94): It was the Super Astro show so, it had lots of junior/lucha spots. Okano was good in hanging with Astro and making everything look good. Plus he added a little humor in as well. At around 9 minutes, its well worth a watch.


Takashi Okano vs El Gran Apache (IWA Japan - 01/08/95): This was much more mat based than the Super Astro match. Okano again hangs in there very well making this a much more substantial match. Its less pizzazz and more of a fight. Highly recommended match. Okano has got talent.


Edit: also watched these two guys from 10/16/94 but, its not paced or laid out as well. Its also in 2 parts on YouTube but, its worth just skipping to the 2nd segment. Its in Korakuen to distinguish it from the other.


Silver King & El Texano vs Takashi Okano & Yoshihiro Tajiri (IWA Japan 03/07/95): Whoa! Let me catch my breath here. Double plus quick lucharesu opening. Tajiri's throwing kicks even in his green pad & trunk days, nice! Texano eats a couple then, says " Hey Silver! You get in there man!"


Eventually chairs are brought into the mix & it gets really good. The native team look dusted but, Tajiri is showing all kinds of intestinal fortitude & our man Okano is busting up pins like a bowling ball. Make no mistake though: This is a chunk of Los Cowboys awesomeness.


Ultimately, I had little clue something this technically outstanding was shown in full in IWA-J. There's no death match stuff here. Had this been viewed by a larger number of folks at the time, it would be considered a great match in the style. I mean its probably as good as any tag from Eddie, Dean, Chris etc. in ECW from the time. Its not the "cleanest" wrestling like NJ Jr. in '95 but, it sure is exciting!



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