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MATCH REVIEW: Minoru Suzuki vs Kazunari Murakami (07-04-04)




Based on personalities alone, you might think Suzuki and Murakami could have a delightfully entertaining match. That theory was put to the test here when that was about all we got  -- personalities alone.

Minoru Suzuki vs Kazunari Murakami
July 4, 2004
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Summer Struggle
Tokyo, Japan


The words are barely there because the inspiration is barely there. This match intrigued me on paper because Minoru Suzuki is a bonafide legend and Kazunari Murakami is the greatest Little Snot of his generation. I could watch Shinya Hashimoto kick him away at the Tokyo Dome all day and still want to see it again. Neither seemed particularly inspired here, which could have been a case of time constraints or it could have been a lack of genuine motivation. I would have even been happy with the two of the standing around making funny faces at each other since they're both so great at it, but they managed the virtually impossible here in creative a bland, grave disappointment.



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