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  1. Loss

    Your #100 Spot

    Maybe not the exact same question, but I think it's pretty similar. I wonder if people are using a certain wrestler as a baseline. In other words, for someone to be considered for my list, they have to be someone I think of as being better than ____________, who I consider right at the borderline.
  2. Loss

    Chris Hero vs Cesaro

    I like Cesaro and think he might have done way more with more opportunity, but I also feel like he's never completely crossed the line from impressive to engaging. And I would say Chris Hero has done that.
  3. Loss

    AEW Dynamite - July 7th, 2021 - On The Road Again

    Other than Blood and Guts, I haven't watched any AEW since Tony Khan wouldn't take any responsibility for the botched explosion a few months back, because it seemed too carny for the company that tries to present themselves as being distinctly anti-carny. But if Dan Lambert becomes a regular, I'll come back and watch every week. I can only assume that if this is more than a one-time thing, the idea is to do whatever they would have done if they had ever brought in Cornette. It won't be as good as Cornette would just because I don't think Lambert genuinely hates AEW so his promos won't be quite as biting. But it's close enough.
  4. Loss

    Mitsuharu Misawa vs Stan Hansen

    Misawa is the greatest company ace of all time in my opinion. Literally the only reason I wouldn't rate him #1 is that I don't think we saw enough variety out of his career in opponents or working styles or settings, and that's probably even unfair. Hansen is a top-tier pick in his own way, but being The Guy counts for a lot with me, which Hansen never quite was.
  5. Loss

    Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair

    If Steamboat never existed, Flair would still have a #1 case. If Flair never existed, Steamboat might be a lower-level pick for some people. He'd be at roughly the same level as Tito Santana, maybe a step above.
  6. Loss

    Johnny Saint vs Negro Casas

    Another Casas comparison.
  7. Loss

    Bret Hart vs Rey Mysterio

    I see a pretty strong case in both directions.
  8. Loss

    Randy Orton vs Terry Gordy

    Two guys I see as having outsized reputations, but I think this is an interesting comparison.
  9. Loss

    Bull Nakano vs Aja Kong

    It's a tough one and I've had to backspace every time I've started a post because I've realized what I was saying wasn't really correct. I do think Bull's pre-1990 run when she was more up and coming is far more notable with more highlights than Aja's pre-1992 run (although the 1990-92 chase reflects well on both of them). Aja probably peaked higher if you're looking at match quality, but Bull Nakano was able to get awfully close to that without the annoying garbage can and crowdhugging disguised as brawling.
  10. Loss

    Akira Hokuto vs. Eddie Guerrero

    So that Debbie Malenko match still hasn't aired in full on a Classics run or something? Unreal.
  11. Loss

    Akira Hokuto vs. Eddie Guerrero

    Hokuto has the deeper case. Guerrero has the broader one.
  12. Loss

    Jun Akiyama vs. Jushin Liger

    Was there any point where Akiyama was clearly the best heavyweight in the world? If so, when? My instinct is to have Liger comfortably ahead, but I'm open to hearing a case.
  13. Loss

    'Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers

    But he worked some 60-minute matches. I don't understand.
  14. Loss

    Daniel Bryan vs Kenta Kobashi

    It's a matter of opinion, but if you're asking me, no, not at all. The ideal setting for great matches is a sold out full-sized arena of people who are heavily invested in who wins and loses and are very loud about it.
  15. Loss

    Daniel Bryan vs Kenta Kobashi

    It's interesting that I think of Bryan as someone in the upper echelon, but when I think of him next to Misawa, Kawada and Kobashi, he feels lacking. I didn't have that same reaction seeing him compared to Flair, my #1 pick in 2016, yet I wouldn't have that reaction if Flair himself was compared to those three. Shows the value and inherent contradictions you find in your own views when you really dive into comparisons, I suppose. I guess in that case, I see Bryan as a far more technically skilled wrestler than Flair who pushed the modern style as far as it was capable of going, and I think that counts for a lot. Flair is a legend, but Flair built most of his GOAT case excelling in an environment where he was set up to excel a big chunk of the time. He was given the ideal setting, opponent, time and crowd, and delivered. The same is true of Misawa, Kawada and Kobashi, who had the benefit of mostly wrestling each other. It's unfair, but it also means that the body of work is just on a different level than it is for Bryan. I see Bryan as the greatest wrestler of the modern generation, but I also see the modern generation as inherently weaker than what preceded it, mostly for reasons the wrestlers can't even control, and that goes beyond the amount of great matches and more into the reason those matches are great. Bryan's moments electrifying huge arenas and stadiums absolutely happened and are part of his case, but he spent a lot of time being a great wrestler having great matches without really transcending that. That's not a knock as much as it sounds like one.