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  1. Loss

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    In Flair's book, he talked about having to fly to Savage's home to practice the WM8 match, which really bothered him because he had never practiced a match in his life.
  2. Loss

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I think it came up on one of the Roundtables that the joke in WWF locker rooms when they heard Savage and DDP would be working together was that they'd never make it away from their notepads and to the ring for their match.
  3. Loss

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    "We used to work. Now we perform." - Steve Austin I'm fine with either approach and sometimes the exchanges are complex enough that I think they would be awfully difficult to pull off on the fly now. That said, the best matches are probably the ones that have a happy medium -- they go in with a pretty clear idea of what they're going to do, but if it's not working, they're aware and skilled enough to shift gears on the fly.
  4. Loss

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    He's not even close if you're looking purely at in-ring, but for ability to change with the times and reinvent himself to stay fresh while also being perfectly acceptable at a top level in the ring, it's hard to think of anyone who has done a better job of constantly adapting to the landscape than Chris Jericho. Bryan would be my pick too, but I wanted to throw another name out there that I think should be seriously discussed.
  5. Why do only some matches require that contracts be signed? If they all do, why are only some public? And why do they announce matches before the contracts are officially signed? And why does each match need a contract if they are already under contract? How come they don't have to sign contracts for weekly matches on TV?
  6. Loss

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    The walk-through of the MX vs Fantastics match from Clash I in real time was excellent and I'd recommend that everyone check it out. THAT is what I want to see more of from Cornette.
  7. Loss

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    It probably never will be verified since WWE is on information lockdown, even internally.
  8. Loss

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    That's pretty much entirely what Cornette should be at this point -- a historian rather than a shock jock. But I guess because people are stupid and uninterested in learning much of the time, there just isn't as much money in that. At the very least, imagine if he did a no gimmicks show that focused entirely on stuff like this. Then I could at least safely ignore everything else he does.
  9. Loss

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I think the idea of fans holding WWE accountable may have worked at one time, but it's too little too late. It doesn't work when presenting pro wrestling/sports entertainment is largely a side hustle to Vince's real business now, which is transferring wealth to looters on Wall Street.
  10. I don't think Stiva is implying that WWE acted with intention there.
  11. I haven't been following this closely for reasons I mentioned earlier, but I hope people are looking at this as both individual offenses and systemic problems. There is a need to uproot both. Pro wrestling has fostered an environment like this since the beginning of time. It's not unique in that regard when compared to sports or other forms of entertainment, although it's easier for some involved to justify looking the other way because of the secrecy surrounding wrestling in particular and ideas that wrestlers should live their gimmicks. Even in the latter territory days, babyfaces were expected to "take care" of the women on the road so that they would come back. I made the comment to someone before all of this that more than any great matches or changing the landscape post-WCW and ECW, the ultimate legacy of the 2001-present generation might be that they cleaned up wrestling. I was basing that on it seeming to be a more fan friendly business with less scam artists and less wrestlers dying young. I feel pretty stupid for that one.
  12. The apologies ... my God. Bullshit apologies really bother me on a personal level because I see apologies as a sacred part of human interaction. We all fuck up to varying degrees, and a heartfelt apology is an important part of healing and repairing damage. If you really aren't sorry about something, it's probably best to not say you are. The sincerity (or lack thereof) of an apology is almost always self evident. We've seen a good amount of bad attempts at PR and careerism, but from what I can tell, no real apologies yet. That's not even a criticism confined to this story. Corporations and celebrities have made a mockery of the apology process by pretty much turning it into a formula that almost seems like a robotic parody of hu-MONS -- you issue a statement, then you do photo-ops with charity, then lay low and hope it all blows over.
  13. Is it possible that the live action hero as a concept is now dated? I think younger people now have heightened awareness of facades and don't hold institutions in the same regard. They are more hesitant to put people on pedestals, which makes it harder to create major stars. And because wrestling stardom has almost always been the product of manipulation, some people check out of the entire project itself because they see it as corrupt and authoritarian. See Roman Reigns. Fans were mad that the company tried to make him a star because the company shouldn't be in the business of making stars. I think fans in some ways now see that as manipulative or overly controlling and believe instead, that promoters should be in the business of reacting when someone catches on. That makes it much harder to promote pro wrestling, but it's a cultural change that I think has definitely impacted wrestling.
  14. I think what I was getting at that I didn't articulate well is that there is now a lack of new action heroes. You see a lot of retreads of old stories but not really new stories with new characters as much. And that sounds similar to professional wrestling.
  15. Just making a quick post because I felt the need to point out that my silence is not condoning or reducing any of this. And this is more confessional than I'd prefer to be, but as someone who has been drugged and abused, who narrowly avoided a seriously bad situation in my early 20s and who also has my own childhood trauma that will always be with me, it's a topic that's really hard for me to discuss at length. So if you see me posting elsewhere on the board and not really in this thread, know that it's not because I see this story as unimportant. I'm not sharing that because I'm seeking sympathy or care to talk about it. I'm just posting that because I don't want to contribute to any enabling through silence, but I also don't really want to post about this topic. Hope that makes sense.