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Full Impact Pro Friday - Third Year Anniversary (2007)

G. Badger


Sara Del Ray vs Lacey vs Daizee Haze - It was a good triple threat match with nice action.  It started out slow but improved as it went on.  It was just nice to see women's wrestling especially in this setting.  

Necro Butcher vs Gran Akuma (NO DQ Match) - Good but not great.  I didn't think that Grand Akuma got a lot of offense in. It was a fun match nonetheless.

Erick Stevens vs Jack Evans - Very good to almost even a great match.  Lots of great moves from Jack.  Erick provided a great base for Jack's aerial moves. Not everything hit 100% perfection but it all still looked good and worked great in the setting. This was where the show got started in my opinion.


BxB Hulk and Yamato vs Roderick Strong and Jay Briscoe - This was a great match.  Lots of fast paced action with good moves. BB Hulk was all over the place and you couldn't even tell it was a small show since he was doing so much. Yamato was still coming into his own but was hitting as hard as Roderick.  Yamato had some good moves with excellent German suplex on Roderick. Briscoe and Roderick on offense was really good stuff and everyone really brought their A game. Probably could've been a classic but the structure of the match was more American than the typical ROH/Dragon Gate matches.


Black Market and The Heartbreak Express vs The YRR - Good fun brawl the night before the Cage of Pain 2 match.  I don't think anyone was going all out considering they had that on the horizon.  There were a couple good moves but I would not have made this the main event.  However, the booking makes sense in the context of the story lines.

In summary, a good DVD.  It wasn't blow away awesome as I would have hoped. You can tell from the reviews and the number of matches that I skipped that I wanted to get to the meat of the show. Even then only 2 of those matches were truly memorable. The Erick vs Jack and the Tag match were worth the $5 on Highspots especially if you're looking to get a taste of this era of ROH without hunting for DVDs.


Thanks for reading!! Stay safe :)

P.s. I used a different pic for the entry since they advertise the DVD as Dragon Gate vs FIP...change things up a bit.

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