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Best Match Watched - 2021 Contenders

G. Badger



Here we are at the half way point of 2021...wait what!? Really? Where the heck has the time gone? Maybe 2020 just seemed to be forever. Anyway, here's my top picks for 2021 so far:

Tiger Mask vs Pete Roberts (09/10/82 NJPW)

Masato Tanaka vs Mr. Gannosuke (01/06/98 FMW)

Hayabusa vs Masato Tanaka (03/13/98 FMW)

Hayabusa vs Mr. Gannosuke (04/30/98 FMW)

Tetushiro Kuroda vs Masato Tanaka (06/19/98 FMW)

Hisakatsu Oya vs Tetsuhiro Kuroda (12/12/98 FMW)

Abdullah Kobayashi vs Daisuke Sekimoto (07/22/05 BJW)

Roderick Strong & Jack Evans vs. Jimmy Rave & Shingo (FIP New Year's Classic 2007)

Tyler Black vs Roderick Strong FIP Heatstroke '07 Night 1)


Honorable Mention Tag Matches - Gotta show some love to the tag matches that just missed the cut:

Tiger Mask & Tatsumi Fujinami vs Black Tiger & Pete Roberts (08/27/82 NJPW)

Jado & Gedo vs Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka (05/05/98 FMW)

Hayabusa &Tanaka vs W*ing Kanemura & Kodo Fuyuki (05/27/98 FMW)

BxB Hulk and Yamato vs Roderick Strong and Jay Briscoe (FIP Third Year Anniversary)

Thanks for reading and stay safe folks!



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