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Wrestling Art Show

G. Badger



The Good, the bad and the Ugly - Snuka, Hogan & Flair



Andre vs Inoki



Choshu applies the Scorpion Death Lock with Inoki looking on



Andre vs Killer Khan



Flair vs Steamboat



The Dream vs The Superstar



I hope that you dig this stuff. If you're like me, you really enjoy old wrestling photography. It really captures the gritty action of the ring.I want to incorporate more art into my blog and I just thought I'd play around with some picture editing software and share some of my work. I hope to have access to a copy machine so I can start up my collages again. No way am I cutting up my old books and magazines! I had made a great one that was my original id pic here on PWO. It was of Fujinami vs Fujiwara with Cherry blossom trees in the background. I titled it 'Heavenly Dream Battle.' An homage to the great titles that Japanese promotions (especially NJPW) give their big matches. To me Fujinami vs Fujiwara is just that type of dream encounter.




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