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AJPW You Might Have Missed - 2012 - Part 3

G. Badger



Hello again! Part 3 will cover the 03/04 show from Tokyo's K-Hall. Then we close out with a tag title encounter from 03/20 which may be at Budokan or some other larger venue. So its a big time match-up.

Let's go!

Okabayashi -vs- Takumi Soya: We see a very good to great under 10 minute match between two rivals. Soya (Manabu's brother) is ranked below BJW's Okabayashi but he has tons of fight in him. That intensity raises this match up to be something special. And when I say intense, this at the start reminded me of Stan Hansen or Ishikawa vs Ikeda in Battlarts. It was just frenetic and violent. 

Takao Omori/Manabu Soya -vs- KENSO/Kaz Hayashi (TLC match for tag title shot): A really fun TNA TV style ladder match. There is nothing too innovative or breath-taking. It was not trying to be an awesome bout as you would expect in the States.


Yuji Nagata -vs- Masayuki Kono: An interpromotional grudge match between an aging Nagata and an adroit Masa Kono. This has good action and heat but this isn't something to seek out. Nice to see Nagata though!

Yutaka Yoshie -vs- Osamu Nishimura: JIP OK stuff

Kohei Suwama -vs- Seiya Sanada  - (2/3 Falls): A very good to great match between two of AJPW's best at this time. Here SUWAMA is Jumbo to Sanada's Misawa. Its not a perfect analogy but we get the underdog fight and the fighting spirit of Sanada to survive the big man's backdrop. SUWAMA is heir apparent to the move IMO. Also Sanada uses a bit of Misawa's offense like mulitple elbow strikes and the Tiger Suplex. The first fall has the best action while the second one has the fighting spirit story going for it. Personally I would have liked one longer fight rather than break it up but, it's all the same really.

Daisuke Sekimoto/Yuji Okabayashi -vs- Kohei Suwama/Takumi Soya (03/20): This was my main event for the comp DVD. It definitely delivered. This is your big time Tag Title FIGHT! There's history between these teams and the straps are on the line. The strength of Strong BJW is unmatched in 2012. However AJ's SUWAMA is a destroyer and Soya has the heart of a lion. This does not disappoint. Everyone gets banged up, most notably Sekimoto who's go a bruise on his cheekbone egging up. A great story along with great action and timing makes this a Classic match to me. 





Sekimoto is not happy...


This was a really great comp which is available on IVP video as October-November 2012. I think it was an AJPW TV rebroadcast (we get commercials). If you do business with him and are looking for something different to try, this is a good pick.

Thanks for reading!



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