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AJPW You Might Have Missed - 2012 - Part 4

G. Badger


The DVD is listed as 06/01/2012 but as we see from the actual show, it takes place 05/20/12. In case you are joining me now, this is not going to be a comprehensive look at 2012 All Japan. Its more like a few snapshots to pique your interest. Let's go!

Minoru Tanaka -vs- Yasufumi Nakanoue - Good opening match. Vet vs newcomer

Kaz Hayashi, Shuji Kondo & Azteca -vs- KAI, MAZADA & Hiroshi Yamato - Really good 12 minutes of cool moves and action. I was really surprised by this. Started as just plain old fun but got really exciting in the last half. Kinda reminded me of a Indie puro match with the mash up of talent. Shoot, AJ is pretty much an Indie fed at this point. That's fine by me!

Taiyo Kea/Masa Fuchi -vs- KENSO/Masao Inoue - Good comedy with Fuchi and good action when it was KENSO vs Kea. Thought about skipping because Inoue & Fuchi don't have much left in the tank but it was a fun match!

Akebono -vs- Ryota Hama - skipped, Hama & Akebono don't need to face off.

Kohei Suwama -vs- Masayuki Kono - This started off hot and never let up. It was a slug-fest with an excellent closing few minutes. The downside was that it was very "samey" with a lot of elbows thrown especially at the start. But they were stiff ones and not the limp taps you've seen lately. Things got very good and I don't want to spoil anything but there actually was a story!  Kono is a big dude on Masakatsu Funaki's squad but isn't a player beyond tag matches. Here he has a chance to fight the ace of " indie" AJPW who recently lost the title. Tonight is the night when he can knock out SUWAMA. Can SUWAMA prove he's still got it or does he move aside and let Kono take his spot? For real this is the best Kono match I've seen. Very meat & potatoes WAR match here.



Takao Omori/Manabu Soya -vs- Seiya Sanada/Joe Doering - Tag title fight. Get Wild vs the seemingly slapped together team of Sanada & Joe Doering who as the video package shows have the answer for Soya & Omori's strong style. Joe can match power and Sanada can put the champs away with his technique. Its a very good to great match with a surprising finish. It is not a classic encounter but is an excellent main event to an extremely enjoyable AJPW show.



I got this show by accident as the wrong show was burned onto the disc. I'm not one to complain so I thought I'd enjoy it nonetheless. And I did! It is not a blow away amazing show but for the $3 spent, it was money well spent. If you're interested, check it out. I think there's one more installment of 2012 AJPW.

Be safe folks and thank you for reading :)



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