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Let's keep going with 1984 All Japan!

Brody & Hansen vs Baba & Dory Jr. (08/26): This was fought like a gang fight more than a wrestling match. Absolute furious pace with a stiffness you could hear. A near classic match but with the post match brawl this is a classic. There's a part of me wants to call this an all time classic if you're counting entrance to exit. Did I mention Terry is at ring side? 


Team Grandpa!



Rough necks is scared!


Atsushi Onita & Masa Fuchi vs Hector & Chavo Guerrero (09/03, aired 09/15): Oh yeah! This was a great junior tag match. Absolutely as good as expected. Lots of great action, a bit of comedy, some tandem spots as well as some other spots that could have been in 1994 or 2004. I think it might be the lone Onita match for this project but it's a doozy!

Jumbo & Tenryu vs Brody & Jerry Blackwell (09/03, aired 09/15): Another really awesome tag match! This was great! Blackwell is fantastic doing all kinds of big man spots but is much more than that. Jumbo goes off the top rope. Tenryu gets the crap beat out of him but gives it right back. Brody is in top form being a monster but not invulnerable. Excellent pacing and action and everything was in doubt. 

Gran Hamada & Mighty Inoue vs Chavo & Hector Guerrero (09/12): Very good junior tag match! I think this is the sole Gran Hamada in 1984 AJPW match but it definitely delivered! I think this is exactly what I wanted and expected. It's not better than the Onita & Fuchi vs Guerreros but it is absolutely worth your time... especially if you're interested in this matchup. The Guerrero Bros. were able to do some fantastic lucha stuff with Hamada...and let's be honest that's what you want right? Really wish it was 2/3 falls...



Jumbo & Takashi Ishikawa vs Brody & Moondog Moretti (09/12): Neat matchup that reminds me of the Jumbo vs Misawa feud with a heavyweight paired with a junior heavy on both sides. You had better believe the Hansen & Brody (along with their buddies) drama is THE story of '84. So it's Baba vs Hansen early on in the year but it is slowly becoming about Jumbo vs Brody and this is one more battle. It's a really good one too! Lotsa action and they never seemed to stand still long enough to get a good picture. 

There were a. couple more that I was going to watch but the digital VQ is just too much for me to bear. Not sure if it's my internet or the quality that they were uploaded but, its some old school digital or satellite TV pixel blur at times. But they looked worthwhile if you're interested :

Tiger Mask II & Magic Dragon vs La Fiera & Jerry Estrada (10/09, aired 11/17)
Jumbo & Tenryu vs Rick Martel & Terry Gordy (10/09, aired 11/17)

Excellent batch of pro wrestling this week! Like I said, I'm a tag team fan so bear that in mind if you're a singles wrestling ONLY type person. Very psyched to keep going!

Thanks for reading!



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