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Sorry for the delay! Busy week last week so I missed my self imposed Sunday deadline. But made my Wednesday deadline :) We're getting to the end of '84 and you know that means Real World Tag League stuff. Excited for that! Let's begin!

Rick Martel vs Jumbo Tsuruta (10/11, aired 10/13): Joined in progress but we get the majority of the match (it seems). Very technically orientated match that stresses their equality. Eventually things get cooking and we get more high stakes action. We get a pretty great finish too! Another very good title match between these too. If they meet again I know that they have a genuinely great match in them.

Jumbo & Tenryu vs Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes (10/16, aired 10/20): Good match with some fun moments. I would have loved to see more Tenryu vs Gordy. It did feel a bit small show tag main event (it was in Toyama, Japan). Hey I'm looking at it as a lead-in to the next match. And I think it accomplished what it set out to do.

Jumbo Tsuruta vs Terry Gordy (10/29): Slow start to a longer match. This picks up when Jumbo starts bleeding and from there on out its a very good match. It's a smaller venue so I'm sure it wasn't their best work but we end up getting a double juice and a bunch of great moves. It's an 80's finish which is disappointing considering the length of the fight. If you do your own Joined In Progress skip ahead to Jumbo bleeding then I think that's the absolute best way to enjoy this. If you want to watch this in full then, there's no harm in that though :)




Kabuki & Tiger Mask II vs Buzz Sawyer & La Fiera (aired 11/03): I'm not sure on the actual date on this so I'm going to use the TV broadcast date. The Gordy vs Jumbo match is on the same episode so let's tentatively say this is also from 10/29...Joined in progress but this is a bunch of fun! Great moves, Sawyer and Kabuki were excellent additions to the Tiger vs La Fiera program.

Jumbo & Tenryu vs The Funks (11/28, aired 12/01): Joined in Progress about 10 minutes, this is as great as you'd hope for. Early RWTL match with your two baby face teams going toe-to-toe and setting the tone. Glad to see Terry back actually wrestling. That 1983 retirement WAS pretty short... much shorter than I thought! Anyhow, if you're a fan of these guys then you should know this doesn't disappoint-  hard hits, a bit of blood, well paced.

Harley Race & Nick Bockwinkel vs Takashi Ishikawa & Mighty Inoue (12/08): Exciting all action match! I can't say the outcome was in doubt but this was a blast. Relatively short so there's no reason to skip this. If you wanted to see Race & Bock do a junior tag match, this may be as close as you can get!



Tiger Mask II vs Pirata Morgan (12/08): Great junior match that still holds up all of these years later. Dazzling moves and for that you could call it a classic. I think I prefer it to the 08/26 La Fiera match. I didn't rate that match but these early Misawa-as-Tiger Mask matches are really different than most other stuff going on in AJPW. These tend to be more like Sayama's exhibition style matches he would do with luchadores and closer in style to the Dynamite Kid bouts than his more technical bouts with the other Japanese wrestlers or the British World of Sport style guys.  That said I think this is fantastic!IMG_20230502_174256_kindlephoto-129749598.thumb.jpg.664631d0ccb683faeed2f4bbfbd5ad55.jpg


Next time, we pick back up with RWTL stuff along with one or two big-time matches I skipped over. Thanks for reading!


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