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Satanico vs. Pirata Morgan (AAA 1993)

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Satanico vs. Pirata Morgan, hair vs. hair, AAA 11/26/93


Coming into this fight, I didn't expect it to be any good.


Probably figured Satanico and Morgan had been in one hair match too many, and I just wanted to see what they were up to in AAA, but these guys... These guys were workers.


Pirata Morgan was heavier in this match than I'm used to seeing and no longer the amazing bumper of the late 80s to early 90s. The extra weight hindered his mobility, but it didn't really matter since Morgan was always a worker first and a bumper second. I guess he belongs to a generation that got solid groundings in towns and cities across Mexico.


It's not the same Pirata Morgan that gave such amazing performances against El Faraón and Masakre, and you could be excused for thinking it's a different guy, but hair vs. hair matches follow a rather standard pattern of kick/punch brawling & Pirata brought several touches to distinguish it from the norm. Considering how uncharismatic he seemed at this point, and how rapidy he slotted into the category of working vet, I think that speaks volumes for his professional training and background.


Naturally it helps that he was wrestling the ageless Satanico, who made some pact with the Devil to remain a great worker.


Satanico was once again the star of the match, as he had been more than a year earlier against El Dandy. The guy got so much out of so little.


Satanico was basically throwing punches the whole match, interspersed with some knees, headbutts and the customary biting of the open wound. I defy anyone to tell me it was boring. The guy was a master. He kept punching different parts of the body and in the long final fall, where Pirata was going for the submission victory, Satanico punched his ribs to break the hold.


Hair matches are all about brawling and bleeding. Jake Roberts was at ringside and he had a big shit eating grin on his face. It never ceases to amaze Jake what the human mind is capable of. The great rudos always have one trick up their sleeve. In Satanico's case it was claiming the foul when there was none. If you've watched any amount of Lucha, you know Satanico will pull a deliberate foul later on.


It seems simple, but it's becoming a lost art.


Another great moment -- Satanico has Pirata's shoulders pinned on the mat and really leans in on him to get the three count. Of course Morgan's trying to fight it, so Satanico starts pumping his legs to counter the resistance. None of these flashes pins, Satanico had just enough leverage to hold Morgan for a three count.


How about Satanico's shriek every time Pirata catches his leg for a takedown? Or the way he sells the back of his head on every back bump?


I guess this is the type of match that flew under the radar in the Rey Mysterio era. From memory there's not a single dive.


If you prefer your Lucha to be fundamentally solid, I recommend checking this out.


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