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  1. Cien Caras

    Bob Orton Jr.

    Vs Tito Santana in 1986 from Boston I think. Great 30 min+ match that was shown on Prime Time.
  2. Cien Caras

    Mr. Pogo

    One of the zero reply guys from 2016, thank you to whoever nominated him. When I got into tape trading in the 90s, I watched all the Japanese wrestling that everyone else was watching, I rarely if ever go back to revisit it. The exception being W*ING and this tubby, twisted depraved sadist torturing various deviant low-lifes with knives, scythes, drills, maces and other medieval instruments. One of my treasured tapes was a compilation from Big Japan from later in the 90s, this degenerate was even slower and fatter, would never take a bump, the weapons were more outrageous and he had an army of debased reprobates dressed like him. The crowds were long gone, and he was more warped and twisted than ever. Occasionally I will come across footage of this wretch in his final years having hit rock bottom, stabbing some miscreant in what appears to be a darkened brothel basement, sinful and corrupt until the bitter end. Mr Pogo is a lock for my top 100.
  3. Cien Caras

    'Super Porky' Brazo de Plata

    I can easily see Porky making my top 20, one of the all time greats. Technico or rudo, comedian or brawler, one of the true geniuses of the ring.
  4. Cien Caras

    Bob Armstrong

    I’ve been watching a lot of southeastern recently and it reminded me of how awesome The Bullet is. He’s bad to the bone and he wears a clip-on tie.
  5. Cien Caras

    Jumbo Tsuruta

    It’s one and the same to me, if I don’t care for the wrestler and don’t ever feel compelled to watch them, why would I rank them in the top 100. I’m far more entertained by Hollywood John Tatum, hence would rank him way above Jumbo. It’s really as simple as that. Will El Faraon make your top 100 list and if not, why not?
  6. Cien Caras

    Jumbo Tsuruta

    Sacrilege I know, but is there anyone else who doesn’t find Jumbo particularly interesting and won’t have him on the list?
  7. Cien Caras

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Konnan I’m surprised he hasn’t been nominated. Or maybe I’m not, yes he’s a bit shit and I can’t erase slow-motion clotheslines from WCW from my memory. However as someone who lets the YouTube algorithm determine what I watch, Konnan shows up in a lot of matches I have watched recently, most of which I watched many years ago but I can’t deny they are all awesome. I’m talking early 90s EMLL boom and the theatre of the first few years of AAA, amazing brawls against and alongside admittedly all-timers such as Perro Aguayo, Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, Pirata Morgan, Faraon etc. And I will stand by the fact that the feud with Jake Roberts was awesome. When I keep watching matches involving Konnan and he’s at the height of his superstardom, he should be discussed especially when the imposter Konnan Big has been nominated. Let’s arriba la raza, and get bowdy bowdy and rowdy rowdy. Konnan vs Jake Roberts Tijuana hair match Konnan vs Perro Aguayo mask v hair match EMLL 1991 Konnan/Perro Aguayo/Rayo de Jalisco Jr vs Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 2000/Sangre Chicana
  8. Cien Caras

    Ted DiBiase

    With the exception of possibly Hennig and Martel, everyone on that list is better than Boring Ted.
  9. Cien Caras

    Randy Savage

    Savage for the top 3! He had everything, Macho Man is pro wrestling. Others more eloquent than I am have articulated what made him so great but the coke, the color, the intensity, the promos, the voice, the feuds...and I consider all of that when it comes to ranking a wrestler.
  10. Cien Caras

    Arn Anderson

    Arn is the ultimate WCW TV wrestler, and I love WCW TV wrestling. I would be fine with putting Arn in my top 10.
  11. Cien Caras


    To Matt Ds point, how would he rank vs Non-Pimpi exoticos? Is he better than Babe Sharon, Rudy Reyna, May Flowers, Polvo de Estrellas, Sexy Francis, Gabriel o Gabriela etc?
  12. Cien Caras

    Tito Santana

    When I had the WWE Network, I was watching all Prime Time Wrestling from 86-89. Tito was one of the best, maybe THE best. There’s an incredible 40 minute match vs Orton Jr, maybe the best Prime Time match I saw vs Ron Bass of all people, vs Harley Race, as part of Strike Force vs Islanders, vs Windham etc. In some ways the perfect babyface, no ones stock rose higher from the Prime Time watch than Tito, and this is in addition to the all-timer great feuds with Valentine and Savage. Even watching later random Colisseum videos vs any random heel in some meaningless match his babyface formula worked regardless of the opponent. Great not only by “WWF 80s standards” because WWF 80s match standard was high when you look at Prime Time and beyond the syndicated shows; he was great for a long time in spite of often not having a feud to sink his teeth into. He had a great hour match with Orton in 1995 AWF! I can see him in my top 20, he was that good.
  13. Cien Caras

    Pimpinela Escarlata

    I’ve only seen Cassandro live and not on tape, every time he stole the show and that’s with the likes of Santo in the same match. I just haven’t seen enough on tape to form an opinion.
  14. Cien Caras

    Fuerza Guerrera

    He shone during the peak AAA years, any trios match he was in he brought the nonsense and the villainy, a jamook in the best possible sense.
  15. Cien Caras

    Pimpinela Escarlata

    Clearly there was a criminal lack of interest in Pimpinela last time round; superstar charisma, the gimmick informs everything the Pimpi does and that’s real “ring work”. Easy top 50 and could go very high.