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  1. Cien Caras

    RIP Brazo de Plata (Super Porky)

    Copying my post from a few weeks ago from his GWE thread: I can easily see Porky making my top 20, one of the all time greats. Technico or rudo, comedian or brawler, one of the true geniuses of the ring.
  2. Cien Caras

    Jim Duggan

    He had a fantastic match with Macho King that was on one of the coliseum videos, maybe 1990, genuinely one of the best matches from that era. vs Harley Race from 87/88 that was on prime time i really dug the feud with Andre in 88 at the time but don’t recall specific matches Vs Shawn Michaels from the early days of RAW where they came back for a rematch a week later Vs Yokozuna from 1993 where he was the first wrestler to knock him down and then got banzai squashed Vs Vader from Starrcade 94 I want to say I enjoyed his matches with Big Bubba Rogers on the syndicated shows in 95 but felt like there were dozens of them vs Goldberg from 2000 maybe when he came back from cancer Yes he wasn’t at his Mid South levels after he left but he had some of the best punches ever which goes a long way with me. The Buzz Sawyer brawl alone guarantees him a place in my top 100.
  3. Cien Caras

    Akira Hokuto vs. Eddie Guerrero

    General observation on GWE so far is that things tend to get very weird when people talk about women’s wrestling, and also that joshi seems very overrepresented in the conversation right now. These threads read like message board threads from 20 years ago. To answer the question, probably Eddie but neither will make my list.
  4. Cien Caras

    Negro Casas vs Terry Funk

    As mentioned before, this is the toughest choice yet, pretty much every other vs there has been a clear favorite. But eventually I’ve gone with Terry Funk, he really is everything that is great about pro wrestling. Someone who can be a clown, deranged, sympathetic all in the space of one match, he’s on a different level than pretty much every other wrestler.
  5. Cien Caras

    Barry Windham vs Chris Jericho

    The thing with Jericho is he’s just...shit. Nothing natural, everything is so forced especially his “charisma” and simply not good enough to be the kind of wrestler he thinks he is. Actually in many ways the complete opposite of Barry Windham
  6. Cien Caras

    Vader vs Rey Jr

    Part of it is actively disliking anything WWE from the attitude era onwards, part of it is that Rey doesn’t really appeal to me stylistically. Lucha is far from a monolithic style and athleticism and high flying hold no weight with me vs brawling and hatred.
  7. Cien Caras

    Andre the Giant vs Arn Anderson

    Arn is awesome, I could watch him all day and he is a top 10 contender for me. The perfect TV wrestler. Andre is what he was intended to be, a novelty, I don’t particularly care for babyface Andre nor I am interested in a giants athleticism, but I am a fan of grumpy, immobile latter day heel Andre. But it’s still more of a novelty.
  8. Cien Caras

    Barry Windham vs Chris Jericho

    Is it time to revisit the narrative about Windham being an underachiever or not achieving his potential? He had a stretch from 86-93 (maybe earlier) where he was awesome, as a babyface and a heel.
  9. Cien Caras

    Eric Embry vs Rick Rude

    1989 the number, another summer, and the year Eric Embry became the hero who brought back the magic to the Sportatorium a final time, having one of the greatest feuds ever with General Skandor Akbars goons. 1992, the year Rick Ride lorded it over the Dangerous Alliance and WCW, every week another awesome singles, tag, 6 man and 8 man, both the ultimate alpha male and the pathetic stooge. Two all-timers who had many other moments of greatness but defined by one particular year in their career where everything came together. Flamboyant or Ravishing, who wins?
  10. Cien Caras

    Buzz Sawyer vs Brock Lesnar

    Putting aside my “not voting for anyone who debuted after 1990” rule it’s still Buzz all the way. The brawl with Duggan is transcendent and he benefited the most from the Network hidden gems. Aside from Mid South and Georgia, there’s also World Class and I’m a big fan of his NWA run in 89/90. Legitimately unhinged and terrifying.
  11. Cien Caras

    Barry Windham vs Chris Jericho

    Unlike the Casas vs Funk comparison, this one is easily Barry, Jericho has always been awful and should be nowhere near a top 100. Have watched a lot of late 92/93 heel “Lone Wolf” Barry and he’s as good as he ever was during that period.
  12. Cien Caras

    Negro Casas vs Terry Funk

    To expand upon my earlier point, my main issue is with Grimmas’ characterization of trios matches as “nothing matches”, “forgettable” and “the majority of lucha is not meant to produce anything worthwhile”. Comparing them to squash matches reduces them to being meaningless means to an end for a title/mask/hair match. Most trios matches will advance a narrative or tell a story or multiple stories. Establishing a new rivalry, heating up an existing one, revenge, comeuppance, dissension, hatred, humiliation, betrayal etc etc. it’s an incredibly rich storytelling device. Not just to build to a singles match or a chapter in service of a grand finale, but a self-contained short story unto itself or a three-act play. Structurally trios matches are also some of the most interesting, having a mix of both very established tropes and rhythms while also probably the most free-form brawling and double-triple teaming in wrestling anywhere [insert crass jazz analogy]. A technico first fall where each pairing results in a rudo comeuppance, or a rudo beat down right from the start. The difference between an Arena Mexico vs Arena Colisseo structure. It can be both rigid structure and chaos. To go back to Casas and trios matches specifically, some of his most interesting contributions to trios matches are from 92-94 when he arrived in EMLL which had been gutted by most of its superstars departure to AAA, determined to prove himself as the best wrestler in the world, supremely arrogant yet totally justified, like watching Maradona at the peak of his power. There are many examples of him playing with traditional conventions of the trios match especially primera caida pairings where he would subvert the usual tropes of “do your thing, establish superiority and tag out” and instead hijack the match and change the flow to prove his greatness. This is one example that I recently watched, there are many others: https://youtu.be/19MXIxraHjQ (For context I haven’t watched any new lucha since 2005 and only really watch 80s and early-mid 90s EMLL and AAA)
  13. Cien Caras

    Negro Casas vs Terry Funk

    Sorry Grimmas but that is an unbelievably wrong statement. I don’t have time to go into the details now but it highlights the biggest flaw of this project which is still coming down to “show me a list of great matches” or trying to quantify a case.
  14. Cien Caras

    Kiyoshi Tamura vs Negro Casas

    Fully prepared to hear any accusations of inconsistency, but nothing I read about Tamura fits into my idea of pro wrestling, things like athleticism, technique, stamina, grappling...all irrelevant attributes. This applies to most shoot style I have seen especially of the RINGS variety, it’s something (and I personally find it incredibly dull)...but I don’t see it as pro wrestling. Not just Tamura but applies to Volk Han and others too, anyone who had one match a month. This isn’t about about a dislike for a style, I have zero interest in almost all wrestling post 1996 but I can still see it as pro wrestling (albeit shit, dull etc) vs “simulated MMA”.
  15. Cien Caras

    Negro Casas vs Terry Funk

    We have to accept that in 20+ years of online wrestling discourse, the approach to lucha from western fans hasn’t changed nor will ever change. We are still at the stage where most are unable to watch it other than a US/Japan centric lens of singles matches and most recommendations I see for lucha are still singles matches, especially those that are “accessible” ie adhere more to the US/Japan structures and tropes. However singles matches are the exceptions not the rules, lucha can only be appreciated in trios matches, the different rhythms and dynamics there. It’s all out there, but the majority will never watch it vs a curated set of singles matches. As for Casas vs Funk, this is the toughest one yet and the one where I can’t immediately decide. Both are magnificent and transcendent in their own ways.