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I have started watching Raw from the start


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Updates periodically on this dog-ugly blog here. It's not very good and I'll get bored soon, but in the meantime...


The first match ever on Raw is Yokozuna (dead wrestler count: 2) against Koko B Ware. Rob Bartlett bangs on about Yoko needing a bra, and tells Koko to give up and play dead, a whopping thirty seconds in. They stall for about six months, then Koko pinballs around the ring and Yoko finishes him in short order. There’s going to be a lot of this, isn’t there? Looking back, Yokozuna is almost insultingly not Japanese. It’s up there with Roddy Piper rocking his Canadian accent and nobody acknowledging it. 0/1 (Matches worth watching)


The purpose really is to track the changes from Raw as a generic early 90s squash-a-thon to the story-driven interviewfest that it became, via Yokozuna, Stone Cold and Stephanie McMahon...

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