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Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna (11/30/93)

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Guest cawthon777

In the fall of 1993, Yokozuna was the immovable object when it came to the WWF and the world championship title. Not even the best efforts of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Lex Luger, and the Undertaker could put the 550lb title holder to the mat for a 3-count.


While Yoko dominated the main event scene, the hottest name in the midcard was that of Razor Ramon. In a matter of only a few weeks, Ramon soundly defeated Ted Dibiase at Summer Slam, in the Million $ Man?s last WWF match, and then went on to win the vacant Intercontinental Championship by surviving a 20-man battle royal and pinning ?The Model? Rick Martel.


Though both men were tied up in their own programs (Yoko with the Undertaker, Razor with IRS), they locked horns during a Wrestling Challenge taping just days after the 7th annual Survivor Series pay-per-view event.


Would Yokozuna continue his domination of the WWF and hit the Bonzai Drop on the IC title holder? Or would Razor pull off the upset and defeat his much larger opponent?


WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon vs. WWF World Champion Yokozuna

Springfield, Mass

Civic Center

November 30, 1993

Taken from the Razor Ramon Coliseum Home Video


The Bad Guy makes his entrance first as Gorilla Monsoon & Stan Lane welcome the fans to this Coliseum Video Exclusive.


Jim Cornette, tennis racquet in hand, leads the way for Mr. Fuji and the massive world champion. Yoko wobbles his way to the ring as the fans chant Ramon?s name. It?s important to note that neither man wears his respective belt out to the ring and, despite the taping date, the commentary appears to have been done after WrestleMania X. As a result, Yoko is not recognized as being world champion.


Yoko disrobes and throws the ceremonial salt. When the lights come back on, Razor jaws with Cornette on the floor and is jumped from behind by his opponent. Yoko immediately uses his size and girth to his advantage but Ramon comes back with a series of punches to the face, the last of which sends Yoko out to the floor.


Ramon continues the assault by ramming Yoko?s face into the steps. Moments later, Yoko fights back by using Cornette?s tennis racquet as referee Mike Chioda is diverted elsewhere. The massive title holder reenters the ring and applies a nerve hold to the neck of the Bad Guy. Ramon frees himself with a series of elbows and punches but is knocked back to the mat following a blow to the head. A big bodyslam and legdrop follow and a dazed Razor rolls off the apron to the floor.


Yoko drags Ramon back inside the ring and reapplies the nerve hold as the fans continue chanting, ?Razor ? Razor?. After 3 minutes of being in the submission hold, Razor gets back to his feet and runs the ropes but is met with a back elbow for his troubles. Yoko immediately attempts a big splash but Ramon rolls out of the way.


With both men down, the crowd begins a chant of ?U-S-A?. Razor drops an arm across the dazed champion?s chest but only gains a 2-count after Yoko places his foot on the ropes to break the count. Moments later, Yoko attempts the running splash in the corner but Ramon side steps him and goes to work with a series of punches and stomps in hopes of knocking the big man off his feet.


It takes three clotheslines for Ramon to knock Yoko to the mat. Then, as Razor makes the foolish attempt to hit the Razor?s Edge, Crush runs down and jumps the challenger from behind to cause the automatic DQ.


Crush chokes away at Ramon until Lex Luger runs out and goes right to work on both Crush and Yoko. Yoko slides to the floor as Crush receives a double clothesline from Razor & Luger.


After clearing the ring of the opposition, Razor and Luger shake hands while Ramon?s music plays throughout the arena.


Winner via disqualification at 9:13: Razor Ramon


My View:


Eh. It?s not a horrible match but it?s certainly not a memorable one either. However, the crowd seemed very much into the match, so it?s got that going for it.


I think this bout was put together to give Razor that extra rub against a top level name. Ramon didn?t pin Yokozuna ? but he really didn?t have to. In order to make that big step forward in the fans? eyes, all the Bad Guy had to do was avoid being pinned himself.


Is this worth seeing? Sure. Is this worth paying money for? No. The fact Razor actually tried to set Yoko up for the Razor's Edge is laughable. The cheap finish, on top of everything else, leads me to rate this one as a thumbs down, despite the rarity of the bout.

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