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Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio,

Guest Benjie

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Guest Benjie

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, 24/7/05

This match wasn?t for everyone. If you loved the build going into this match as much as I did then you?ll undoubtedly be a big fan of it. If not then I guess you won?t.


I loved the fact that at the beginning Eddie made Rey shake his hand and give him a hug in front of Dominick so Dominick wouldn?t think that his uncle Eddie was a bad man. What was real good about it was the contrast in emotions from both wrestlers. Eddie was really happy that he was making Rey so vulnerable, where as Rey was visibly hurt and was reluctant to do it. The pay-off to this was a nice cheer when Rey clotheslined Eddie down to start the match.


The beginning of the match started strong psychologically. Rey desperately didn?t want the secret to be let out so in his case he need to win as quick as possible. They did this well as Rey was going for quick pin attempts and using his big moves such as the bulldog, 619 and the frankensteiner off the top rope. One thing that was good about this was the fact that when Rey didn?t get the three count he?d show some agony. When Rey did eventually hit the 619 and went for his springboard finish for a near three count, Eddie ran outside and kept shouting out ?he almost beat me?. He then grabbed Dominick and made Rey kneel down to his knees and Eddie being the dickhead that he is took it as an opportunity to beat Rey down. That was some wonderful storytelling. Not only was it a great transition onto Eddie's control of Rey, but it was also a great way for people to see the drastic measures that Eddie?s character is willing to go to in order to just get a pin fall over Rey Mysterio. Tazz pretty much summed it up by saying ?This Eddie Guerrero is a freaking asshole?


Eddie?s heel control segment started off really strong as he murdered Rey?s back tilt-a-whirl backbreaker (sorry I suck at naming moves) and an awesome variation of a back body slam into a back breaker. He also cheated like crazy, however, unlike the cheating in their match on SmackDown!, the crowd were heatless and unresponsive. This made it slightly dull in some parts and almost felt as though Eddie was stalling.


The match had some cool learned psychology, but you get used to that when it comes to these two. Eddie countering Rey?s second attempt at a wheelbarrow bulldog into what you could say into a strong german suplex was a really cool spot that put further damage on Rey's back. Rey countering Eddie?s second attempt of a tilt-a-whirl-slam was pretty neat, just heatless. However, the best was the fact that Eddie moved out of the way of an attempted springboard leg drop. It was the move that put Eddie away the last time they wrestled, but on this occasion Eddie remembered and moved out of the way.


The finish to the match was great as well. Rey being unable to put Eddie away with the leg drop was his last ditched effort. After that, Eddie murdered him with the triple suplexes but Rey couldn?t even stand so Eddie picked him up and murdered him with a brain buster that thankfully got a positive response. This lead to Eddie staring hard at Dominick and hitting the frog splash. Eddie then stalled and began smiling and blowing kisses at Dominick until Rey rolled him up for the three, This spot ruled as it was almost as if Rey had come back from the dead so to speak and was kind of unexpected.


The things that sucked were the fact that they wrestled the match in front of a wrong crowd. I would?ve loved for them to have wrestled in front of a crowd that was one hundred percent for Rey Mysterio and not split in half. I would?ve also liked for the crowd to have been super heated as this had a making?s of a classic, but sadly it didn?t meet its potential. Several spots in the match relied on super heat. The crowd didn?t get as much money out of the near falls and Eddie acting like a dickhead.

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