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Guest Dazed

Tonight, the Wrestling Channel (www.thewrestlingchannel.tv) brought "International Showdown", a combination of all the wrestling genres shown on the channel, from Puro to hardcore to classic British wrestling.


Short version of events, this afternoon was a Q + A session, featuring AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Bill Apter (who seemed to be trying way too hard to sound American) and Mick F'n Foley. Questions were light hearted, and totally blew kayfabe away, and there was nothing of any insight said, even Daniels on ROH and Foley on Flair were diplomatic.


The card was spectacular, even if containing matches we've all seen before. Outside of the British rules match, everything had a promising premise.


Raven and Shane was unspectacular, relying on a couple of big bumps and Raven going back to his DDT way too much for anything decent. It was a nice change of pace though, from everything else being standard one on ones.


Punk and Joe had a *lot* to live up to, which unfortunately they didn't manage, but that's still understandable for what is still a house show. They continued things nicely from their previous encounters though, and had they been given more time, would have brought the house down.


the 6 man featuring Misawa was phenomenal, and one of the best tag matches I've seen in far too long. I'll try and put it over properly when I'm sober, but it was a well built, well sold match.


Styles and Daniels was a fitting close to the event. It's a match we've all seen, but we all love. The ROH style handshake at the end closed off a great evening.

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