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Fire in the Mountains SMW TV Episodes 27 & 28

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This week on Fire in the Mountains we continue the build up to Fire on the Mountain. Some highlights:



- Animal abuse and talking ponies
- Where's Buddy Landell?
- This ass backwards booking of Lee/DWB
- A Nazi, a coathanger, Mark Curtis with a knife
- Dutch calls Hector Guerrero a crazy Mexican and that's NOT the politically incorrect comment of the week
- Killer Kyle desecrates the Stars and Bars and Andy is none too pleased
- Bob Armstrong is still wearing that same F'N shirt




As always, we really appreciate our listeners and we are having a blast with SMW. If you have suggestions for the show we are open to most anything. Hell, I know I didn't invent the wheel. Just trying to have fun and provide a good companion piece to these episodes.



Match of the Week




Interview of the Week




Soundbyte of the Week/Politically Incorrect Moment of the Week (Double winner)




Fashion Statement of the Week




Fan(s) of the Week (Repeat Winners)





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