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[2005-06-11-PWG-Guitarmageddon] Kevin Steen & Excalibur vs Super Dragon & Disco Machine


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Kevin Steen & Excalibur vs. Super Dragon & Disco Machine
Excalibur revealed here that he had been the brains behind Steen's Super Dragon #2 disguise, and said Disco Machine was more than welcome to join their crew prior to the match.
What also should be noted is that until the finish, Excalibur and Disco Machine disclosed on the commentary that they would call the match objectively and in the third person. It made for a very unique experience.
This wasn't the most exciting match in terms of pacing, but the story when the entire segment was done was a great chapter in the Steen vs. SD feud. Disco Machine spend the majority of the match just getting his ass kicked, probably because Excalibur bitched so much about how SD had been holding back his friends. But SD realized that Disco Machine couldn't keep taking the ass-kicking and tagged himself in.
Disco Machine let his ego get in the way, not realizing that he was out of gas for the night, and betrayed SD, and accepting Excalibur's invitation. Steen got his package piledriver pin on SD, and afterwards 2 Skinny Black Guys came out to help SD, only for the newly aligned trio to take a powder. A challenge is made for a trios match on the next month's anniversary show, but not before these gems:
Excalibur: "Super Dragon, I see before this match, you hedged your bets, you bought some friends backstage. But Super Dragon, you think you can replace myself and Disco Machine with a beaner and a fucking nigger?"
Steen: "Does that word offend you... nigger?"
Rating: ****
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